Friday, December 10, 2010

Plan B And Beyond

Oh! It's true Bay Bee!

Rumors that 2 State Solution for something something Palestine is totally dead may be not unlike the wild wack "Turn me on, Deadman" White Album jank about Sir Paul.

"Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated"

"...The Palestinians, meanwhile, have been forced by 44’s cave-in to reassess their options. The Palestinian leadership does not have any answer for how to resolve borders, the right of return and the status of Jerusalem – as well as the dismantling of some settlements – when its alleged mediator cannot stop Little Satan from flagrantly violating international law by building more settlements.

What a hoot! Internat'l Law!

Course, Internat'l Law has never really been an issue before - as best understood - Little Satan
has been plotting and building those apartments of war since desperate victorious counter attacks in the Summer of Love granted real estate booty fair and square (unlike, o, say Turkey's Cyprus blitz - an aggressive war that violates everything 'Internat'l Law' internat'lises). 

The famous Oslo Accords (made up in Oslo - natch!) were created and began yet another forever quest for ME Peace and building condos, coffee shops and bookstores never seemed to matter in the before time - seems awful suspect it's such a prob now. 

Despite the Weenie Hut Juniors guy's hot fantasies of Merk'Va panzers driving hapless Palestinians into the sea on live al Jazeera, the two Palestines are conducting end run diplomacy - sweet talking South American nation states to recog an independent Palestine.

If the twin Palestines go ahead and declare statehood - 2 State (well, actually 3) Solution is back in biz - yet for how long?

Notice it's impossible to notice any hot! bits about how cool Future Palestine would be? What would she look like? Any chance of holding elections to validate her as a legit gov? Would Palestine's Panty Police still roam the streets?

An egalitarian sec sec secular (secular) society, with periodic xparent elections, free uncensored press, a judiciary under elected gov oversight etc would indeed be sweet to see. 

The most literate Arabs ever on the face of the earth (your choice - the Strip or the West Bank) pounding their AKM's, K'Ssams, K'Tushahs and K'GRADs into laptops and stripper poles in a joyous celebration of a fully functional democracy where fun and free choice reign instead of ye olde whee tarded shame, honor, gendercide and revenge meme driven parasite enclaves with rocket rich rejectionists and West Bank victimisticism.

Does any serious thinking person seriously think this would happen? We know what future Palestine would look like and most likely 2 brand new baby nation states - for whatever reasons (though failure to enforce Writ of State ala Land of the Pure certainly comes to mind) - will ignite the ignition on another war that will time machine the entire AO right back to Little Satan's accidental empire.

Or even worse for the Palestines - such combatty ops could actually result in a Greater Little Satan that may not be particularly interested in right of returning turf won yet again after eons of misery, on again off diplomacy and terrorism.

Beyond Plan B would be audacious. And it wouldn't be very pretty on the outside at the outset either.
Right of Relocation. 

Allowing Little Satan to annex the entire West Bank and xport 2.5 million Palestinians with a history of voting in real elections to their choice of any of Arab League's 22 despotries, horrid or benign. 

Such a realignment of immense strategic import could be easily subsidized by generous reparations from mainly Egypt and Syria (who started the entire sorry mess) and to a lesser extent, Kuwait, Wahabi Arabia, Jordan and Iraq in lieu of their past failed combat ops and on again off again help in creating Nakbah refugees. 

Arab League would need to repeal their Palestinian Apartheid laws (like in Lebanon and slave trading Syria) - that abuse Palestinians as strategic minority resources and allow Right Of Relocation to any Nakbahteers.

Yes it would be terrible! All those poor poor people having to leave their homes and start life anew. 

Dang. Can't be any worse than the millions of refugees that fled ancient turf since Roman Times 
and assimilated into loyal, productive citizens of their new homelands, when Soviet Union steamrolled their way into Ost Europa.

And it's way better  - and way more humane - than reduxing another war Nakbah by blindly creating the world's 57th and 58th m"Hammedist nation states. 

Pic - "Palestine!? Wouldn't I be crazy to want that?"



Jpck20 said...

"generous reparations from mainly Egypt and Syria (who started the entire sorry mess)"

Hit it right on the head there Courtney. Funny how the people on the side of the Palestinians forget that it was their arab brothers who tried to wipe out Israel, again. Israel beat the bloody hell out of them... again, and said enough was enough and kept the shit they took.

Pretty much par for the course over the entire history of the human race.

So why are all the Libs so up in arms over this particular case when none of them say shit about things like this happening in say, Africa?

I can tell you the answer but the Libs don't want to hear it.

Anonymous said...

Spot on.