Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Seizing Control

Control! Not unlike a Cosmo power point.

As best understood, the theory of Supreme Leader or velayat-e faqih (guardianship of the jurist) is not unlike a kinda 'führerprinzip' style autocrazy.  

Gay Free Iran's "...constitution was meant to combine theocracy with republicanism. But in practice, Iran's unelected institutions, namely the supreme leader and 12-man Guardian Council, wield far more power than elected institutions like the presidency and parliament. The Guardian Council has the authority to vet all candidates for public office and disqualify any who are not deemed sufficiently loyal to the supreme leader."
WikiLiquer rumors that Supreme Leader is terminally ill  may mean the internal machinations 
are off the hook y'all!

Since the mullahs got all eclipsed in the '08 M'Jilis election together with last years electile dysfunction  - Preacher Command has been trickbagged by Praetorians - the Revo Guard.

And these  Replacement Revo Guard Commanders all seem to have at least one common thread - a new generation of ex-military leaders comes to power and a new generation makes it to the top of Revo Guard leadership, all directly owing their positions and power to the Supreme Leader

Since Supreme Leader is dying - the fiery little hand picked rocketeer President may be making a play to ensure there is no follow up Supreme Leader - and xforming the - uh -'Republic' into a full blown military dictatorship as a President For Life

Like sacking Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki (wonder how how ol Fareed feels about that?) for doing his gig as Foreign Minister:

"...In the past months, Mottaki opposed a decision by Ahmadinejad to appoint his own special foreign envoys to key areas such as the Middle East, Afghanistan and the Caspian Sea region. Mottaki reportedly complained to the supreme leader, who sided with Mottaki and forced the president to moderate his position. 

Hot gossip! rumours that Ayatollah Rafsanjani is stepping up his security and bid to outmanuever the Revo Guard - possibly as either the next Supreme Leader - or at least have a controlling interest in his selection and influence.

Pic - "The guard now has a hand in every critical area, including missile development, oil resources, dam building, road construction, telecommunications and nuclear technology


Anonymous said...

IRGC is only loyal to Khamenei and his gang. Period!

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SecondComingOfBast said...

The Republican Guard can make or break anybody, and once Khamenei is gone they will make their influence known more than ever. I personally think they are the ones responsible for the assassination of the nuclear scientist, either to keep him from revealing what he knows to the outside world, or as a warning to other persons or parties involved in the program.

Whoever becomes the next Supreme Leader will owe their supremacy to them. Ahmadinajahd need not apply. The last thing somebody like them want to have real power is a demagogue capable of stirring people up in the wrong directions.

Ahmadinajahd is the Ayatollah's personal little stand-up comedy routine. He's the comic and the straight man rolled into one. On the one hand he supports their agenda and promotes it to the people, and on the other hand he's the one that takes the hit when things go south. At times he provides a convenient distraction, such as when he goes off the charts with the Holocaust denial road show.

That's his sole purpose and function. Actual leadership and power has nothing to do with it.