Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Charge Of The Light Brigay'd

"Lame Duck!"

Least it's catchier than "That's so gay" as a future battle cry.

"...When can their glory fade? Oh, the wild charge they made!"

Kinda like the DA/DT repeal.

While unit cohesion is certainly a concern, the real 500lb device in the room that no one dares to EOD out loud, is the fire and effect such egalitarian tolerantarianism detonates. 

The myth of Gitmo is still around, could Great Satan's remarkable laissez faire tolerance create another?

Consider - it's fairly Catherine obvious that certain elements located in many of CENTCOM's AO's are not so fond of politically erect memes au courant.  And, if it's true that Great Satan must take into account time traveling 7th century mindsets in determining mission requirements, could such flaming audacity result in damage to America's voltiguers and her mission?

Pic -"C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas la guerre."


SecondComingOfBast said...

Simple solution would be to put gays in charge of terrorist interrogations. Have one be "good cop" the other "bad cop". If necessary, they could switch roles, which would really throw the Muslim off balance, especially if they made it plain they might be tempted to engage in some two on one action on camera.

Guaranteed they wouldn't have to lay a hand on the guy before he would be begging to tell them everything he knows.

Unfortunately, liberals would probably be screaming "TOOOOOORTUUUUURRE", so it will probably never happen.

Unless they kept it, well, "in the closet", so to speak.

Raedwulf said...

"politically erect" ha ha good one GSGF. I read a book about the Taliban that said Mullah Omar gained fame by going after warlords who enjoyed little boys. Switch hitters are not something that was invented in the US.

J. said...

Yes, hard to believe Alexander the Great Homosexual was able to conquer all of Persia and went into India. I'm sure the gay cohort of brethern he had just dragged him down into being just Great instead of World-Wide.

Anonymous said...

"Great Satan's remarkable laissez faire tolerance"

True girlfriend, true.

Keep up the good work