Monday, December 27, 2010

Two Sudans

What could be better than one, gigantic Sudan?  

Why, two Sudans of course!

"...Under the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, the 2005 deal that ended the lengthy civil war between the north and the south of Sudan, voters in the south are supposed to vote on January 9, 2011, to decide whether their region should secede and form the world's newest country. 

"...The civil war, which lasted 22 years and during which an estimated 2.5 million southerners died, was fought over several issues: 

A) The central government's long-standing neglect of Sudan's periphery; the excessive concentration of jobs, wealth, and public services in the region known as the Arab triangle, along the northern part of the Nile River valley; 

B) The government's brutal attempts to impose Arab culture and Islam on the south, where Christianity and traditional religions prevail; 

C) The gov's persistent refusal to grant the south any autonomy (except for a brief period in the 1970s); and its exploitation of the south's resources, particularly its oil, to fill government coffers.

Not to mention the incredible unhappy fact that Sudan's despot au courant - Field Marshal President For Life Omar Bashir - is the only sitting head of state indicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity in world history. 

Great Satan's AFRICOM needs a new hood to HQ on the African mommieland - and they don't get any bigger than Sudan! 

Cutting a deal with a brand new Republic of Southern Sudan could include the democrazy protection/projection command of AFRICOM - Offering easy, super fast real time access to 9 diff African nation states - Pyramidland, Khadaffyville, Ethiopia, Kenya, Congo, Etricea, Uganda, Central African Republic, Chad and Ethiopia.

Pic "...Cos they don't know the secret!!..."


SecondComingOfBast said...

No city on earth is more deserving of a nuclear holocaust than Khartoum. The very continued existence of that government is the penultimate proof as to the uselessness of the UN. Both need to go the way of the dodo bird. Few tears would be shed over the demise of either one.

Then again, any attempt to defend the innocent non-Arab population of Sudan by any form of defensive warfare would be construed as proof by the greater Arab world that the West and the US is determined to wage war on Islam. Which is probably the only reason Khartoum continues along with their massacres, while the refugees can look forward to a life of squalor in refugee camps, with the added bonus of the rape of the young girls by UN troops to break the monotony.

J. said...

Sweet Jesus, you can't seriously consider South Sudan as AFRICOM HQ? lack of infrastructure, lack of protection, lack of basic services? Hey, here's another great idea - move CENTCOM HQ to Yemen for kicks and put PACOM HQ in S. Korea. Yeah, that would be fun. And then put EUCOM HQ in Georgia.

acherus said...

Sometimes, or once upon a time, Mr G Herbert Walker Bush Sr. escpecially needed to answer a long with Mr Henry Kessinger, who did pull the trigger to kill JFK, these two katsas/sayanim along with GH Bush Jr, the 43rd Pres. of USA, the vocal katsas/sayanim (of Freemason), the secret oath of palsm needed to be 'courted'. These three stooges needed to answer to the 'International Court' along with great katsas/sayanim, Dr Lani Kaas and his wife, on how did the killings of more than 10 millions people for projecting the news to give the hidden agenda of overrunning Palestine. Dr Lani Kaas did write the foreign policies, and Mr Henry Kessinger did write in his 'Kiss The Boys Good Bye', the (armies of USA)... stupid damn animals ... for foreign plolicies. In term of hebrew, this German Jews referred USA's boys as 'Ghoyim' or animal. Can you understand the facts of reality on the ground? TQ

Raedwulf said...

GSGF, you have ignored the issue of China wanting oil rights in the Sudan and using their veto in the Security Council to block any real sanctions against Sudan.

Starbuck said...

Sexifulest picture ever.