Monday, December 20, 2010

Imperial! By Design

Got a hat?

Better hang on to it!

One of academia's academics - the caboose end of the über risible  yet unhelpfully hurtful Waltsheimer's Affliction, charter member of Little Satan Hating Posse infamy (and spiritual creator of the totally correct risque repartee' RE: "Wehrmacht Protuberance Envy") fires up a blunt grand strategy review, that shamefully takes up where the F. B. I told you so guy left off.

This partic suspect piece is essentially yet another (yay) realpolitik salespitch for "Offshore Balancing" - fully crunk with fakebelieve you know what's - to counter Great Satan's internat'l diplopolititary couture, her smashin' fashion avec l' hyper puissance:

"...Global dominance has two broad objectives: maintaining American primacy, which means making sure that the United States remains the most powerful state in the international system; and spreading democracy across the globe, in effect, making the world over in America’s image. The underlying belief is that new liberal democracies will be peacefully inclined and pro-American, so the more the better." 

Then it gets all bipolar, preaching an isolationistic dream:

"...Instead, return to the grand strategy of offshore balancing, which has served this country well for most of its history and offers the best formula for dealing with the threats facing America—whether it be terrorism, nuclear proliferation or a traditional great-power rival. 

While embracing the very same vulcan enabled ancient PNAC vision of Great Satan that it just dissed:

"...In general terms, the United States should concentrate on making sure that no state dominates Northeast Asia, Europe or the Persian Gulf, and that it remains the world’s only regional hegemon. This is the best way to ensure American primacy. We should build a robust military to intervene in those areas, but it should be stationed offshore or back in the United States.

After loling about Surge, terrorists with WMD (carebeful! Academia's idea of plausible deniability may not be as freewheeling as the Revolutionary Guard's), and how occupations create suicide bombers (quick - what's the Swedish term for that?) DR M incredibly exposes the Myth of Offshore Balancing

"...In the event a potential hegemon comes on the scene in one of those regions, Washington should rely on local forces to counter it and only come onshore to join the fight when it appears that they cannot do the job themselves. Once the potential hegemon is checked, American troops should go back over the horizon.

Oh really?

The last time Great Satan intervened and failed to change an illegit regime's nature with a regime change was Desert Storm - arguably a predux for Operation Iraqi Freedom - precisely because American troops slipped right over the horizon right after the cease fire.

And what guarantees does mythical Offshoring guarantee that the regime in question could withstand a combatty hook up with Great Satan without collapsing or succumbing to an occupation or even a surge? 

Citing 40's retreat ala Offshore Balancing in Lebanon is hardly convincing:

 "...It is worth noting that the perpetrators of this act did not pursue us after we withdrew.

Yessir, mainly cause Hiz'B'Allah's patrons in Iran were literally involved in a life and death struggle with Iraq at the time, their tech levels for exporting terrorism as a force multiplier are no where near what they are today and it could be argued that withdrawal - instead of a grim determination to, oh, say, grind Hiz'B'Allah to dust in righteous wrathful retribution
- actually encouraged, enhanced,  emboldened and convinced Persia's Preacher Command to expand foreign adventures - a key catalyst in Iran's hegemonic hotness au courant with new clear chicanery.

Without a doubt, the ancient corrupt cult of stability (which, funnily enough, never really did deliver stability, unlike constant deliveries of wars, oil as weaponry, terrorism and genocide) rears it's pointy misshapen little head with an amazing weirdly unAmerican  thought:

"...Washington should also get out of the business of trying to spread democracy around the globe, and more generally acting as if we have the right and the responsibility to interfere in the domestic politics of other countries. 

"...This behavior, which violates the all-important principle of self-determination, not only generates resentment toward the United States, but also gets us involved in nation building, which invariably leads to no end of trouble.

Trick statement -  failing to promote democrazy is the very same thang as promoting autocrazy.
Plus - it's an unclever attempt to inject the incorrect notion that Great Satan should be "...even handed..." in her dealings with the world - as if Libya or NoKo were the same as Australia or Denmark. 

"Interference" swings both ways - as Uncle Tony shares - the burden to prove abhorrent dictators, their machinations, connections, associations, research and development programs are all safe as milk, is NOT on the free world. It's totally on unfree autocrazies.

And it's dangerously wishful, mindnumbingly unthinking (especially for anyone in a climate controlled environment surrounded by smart people) and a sure fire way to up the pantie ante on violence that unfree states and non state actor outers traditionally project and export.

It will magically create "...a superficial stability that has encourages the growth of extremism, terrorism, and anti-Americanism. When all opposition is suppressed, the forces of change go underground -- and that is where radicalism thrives."

The "...all-important principle of self-determination..." is hardly an effective sympathy enhancement device for illegit regimes that deploy secret police, secret trials, secret prisons and secret executions. 

Think ppl are disturbed about Great Satan propping up despotries horrid or benign right now? Or 'meddling' in the innards of states that fiddle about with wmd, hang with terrorists and torment their own people and their neighbors? 

Oh, just wait'll the new enemy meme features hot! Offshore chiz about Great Satan forsaking them to their failed tyrannies with realpolitik's amoral "Do unto them as ye will"

Even more risible is the strange concern for regimes in question that hate democrazy promo, fear it and use their highly controlled medias to diss it. 

After all, any of them could star in the Ceauşescu Remix.

 If cats like slave trading Syria's Dr General President for Life or Iran's Preacher Command are freaking about Great Satan's democrazy promo -  sweet!   

We are who we arenicht wahr? 

By design.

Pic - "Goodness gracious! There is indeed an answer to the sirens of "Offshore Balancing," Courtney. It's called leadership"

Especial thanks and credit to Professor Steven Metz and Professor James S Robbins for their incredible insight, intellect and invaluable influence in getting this all crunked up. 


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