Friday, December 17, 2010


Oh, it's true mein schatze!

As all the cool kids knew eons ago - the PAK part of AFPAK is truly des place de resistance - essentially - as long enemy elements can do the Durand line, rest, relax and refit for the next spring - Great Satan's most excellent adventures will continue to attrit - to manage - the violence and assorted evil doers.

44's War Review concludes that terroristic sanctuaries in Land of the Pure must be destroyed - even if they swing both ways. 


“There is one thing that’s a major obstacle to accomplishing success in Afghanistan by 2014, and it is significant, and that is the sanctuaries in Pakistan. Make no mistake about it, the government of Pakistan and its military are aiding and abetting those sanctuaries.” 

Currently, Great Satan is putting it on! Fully crunk Combined Ops are off the hook (AirLand Battle nicht wahr?) indeed - the level of violence unlike anything seen since Operation Lüttich or Chechnya rec'v'd the biz end of the Operational Art of War.

The NIE cats - perhaps to atone for the risible NIE 007 reportage that proved incorrect in nearly every detail - play it straight up 

"...The document says Pakistan's government pays lip service to cooperating with U.S. efforts against the militants, and still secretly backs the Taliban as a way of hedging its bets in order to influence Afghanistan after a U.S. departure from the region

Getting loud that unassing the AO ain't gon happen anytime soon is the perfectly correct signal to signal. 

Attacking certain no go areas (notice how they always seem to xform into combat areas?) in Land of the Pure proper - with or without an overt assist from Great Satan's only client new clear Army with a nation state attached - is another.

Such a role reversal of 'Strategic Depth" could also be hooked up with hot! promises of sweetly apportioning choice bits of FATA listic turf into Internat'l Rec'vership in a wonderful shrink the gap kinda way for starters. Totally dependent on PAK army's un certain quelque chose

Face saving optional - with a thin veener of fun and friendly internat'l/NATOism to buddy up with Pakistan to storm the sanctuaries of aQ, LeT, Haqqi and Talibani in sovereign free sovereign real estate as a chaser.

And it may be high time to mix up a healthy spoonful of a "I don't like the drugs (but the drugs like me)" moment

Eradicating poppy fields in extremis - or at least taking them over totally and ensuring their illicit, addictive, destructive and corruptive influence are channeled and directed into certain unhelpfully hurtful regimes would be a wicked Joker to hold close to the vest and used as Strategic Resource Weaponry - like oil or energy. 

Pic - "The war dispensation in al-Qaeda's caves in the Pakistani tribal areas is set up in such a way that if one group of insurgents is pacified, a fresh one will pop up to fill in.


SecondComingOfBast said...

Never underestimate the influence of Preacher Command in this area, probably including the drug trade. Just think how much good will we'd buy if we just purchased the opium crop instead of just burning it down and telling them to plant pomegranates. We can phase them over gradually into other forms of agriculture.

The key to winning in Afghanistan begins and ends with the Warlords. Without their support, nothing is happening. With their support, the Taliban eventually becomes a footnote.

Think in terms of something more similar to the ancient Roman Republic with them in charge of it. I don't think they are overly attached to the notion of an Islamic Republic any more than they are a modern day Parliamentary style democracy.

Anonymous said...

Fully crunk Combined Ops are off the "hook"

should be "hookah"

Keep up da good! TNX!