Friday, November 26, 2010

Last Ditch

Fire in the hole!

Not so long ago at a recent event - populated with all the populars - a certain element refrained from introductory jawflapping small talk and during a supposedly  voltiguer chauffereering ride back to HQ - literally xformed into an octopus with more hands on - uh - deck - than HMS Victory at Trafalgar. 

Skipping the agenda of approved advanced advances - said cat totally rearranged protocol in hot heat seeking delights avec vehicular borne chicanery.

This is significant.

In certain diplopolititary circumstances, should the last last straw or last ditch option actually break line and head to the top of the list?

Heck yeah!

Often times - "Coercive Diplomacy" - the hot! promise of various combat arms practicing their precise deadly ministrations - military force or threat of force - is often sadly regarded as having to be the end all be all - only allowed after the brassiere of time consuming face time, friendly give and take, diplomacy soirees and wishful thinking has been slowly, seductively and sexyfully removed.

And it can get a lot of people killed during the interim

Sudan is a great example of this. The traditional hyper puissant drill of eons of slow patient consensus building to reinforce desired behavior is actually totally bassackwards. 

As best understood - Sudan's chief exports are refugees fleeing misery projection, genocide, slavery, intolerance and a self imposed 7th century mindset. The upcoming electile dysfunctioneering in January to decide the nation's future as one or two diff nation states may actually kick off a bloodletting to rival Rwanda's Hitlerian expertise.

Why are the 'rulers' of such a chaotic heckhole even still breathing?

The wizened warning warners wring their you know what grippers in a shockingly inappropriate display of pining away for the ancient fast twilighting 'Westphalian Era" with incorrect and boring asseted pontification RE: Force First.

"...What these ideas have in common is a fundamental lack of understanding of the limits of force, which does not always achieve its military and political objectives. Intelligence fails, missiles misfire, and the target rarely alters its behavior substantially and constructively.

 "...Moreover, military force does not constitute a strategy for dealing with an adversary; rather, force must be accompanied by a whole-of-government approach that includes robust diplomacy and development components. Force alone is risky and potentially escalatory, with little promise of resolution.

Uh, wait - what now?

In the new millennium, nation building endeavors do not have to be way up front - indeed - worries about a 'fundamental lack of understanding ' should be sweetly directed at target sets - not Great Satan or NATO. 

Yessir, getting all combatty is indeed full of fear, and the potentiality for sexcalating combat ops is off the chain y'all!

So what?

That is exactly the signal Great Satan should be signaling without delay, modesty or restraint in Field Marshal President For Life Omar Bashir's gigantic fiefdom of Sudan.

1st off - Great Satan's AFRICOM needs a new hood to HQ on the African mommieland - they don't get any bigger than Sudan! Offering easy, super fast real time access to 9 diff African nation states - Pyramidland, Khadaffyville, Ethiopia, Kenya, Congo, Etricea, Uganda, Central African Republic, Chad and Ethiopia. All located near civil war and starvation central - 

"...Cos they don't know the secret!!..."

A case could be made for gradually girthifying sexed up military ops by striking tender sensitive portions of the regime 1st - kinda like the ever edging attacks ala NATO's early plan for saboring Serbia -before General Clark correctly applied Great Satan's Shermanesque Pattonish penchant for going for the throat and putting paid to murderous creeps, jank jerks and stopping the entire sorry mess in less than 90 days.

"Why shouldn't we privately make it clear to Field Marshal President al Bashir that if he initiates genocide, his oil pipeline will be destroyed and he will not be exporting any oil?"

"...Oil, of course, is the foundation of the Sudanese economy, constituting 95 percent of export revenues and 60 percent of government revenues.

Enforcing a no fly Darfur zone with a friendly hello that any violations will result in Great Satan's utter destruction of the entire Sudanese Air Force would be nice too.

Perhaps instead the last best option should be the very first - annihilating the highest levels of the regime, all their precious assets, longtime fanboys and new found friends - capturing the world's only sitting Head of State indicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity (dead - just as good, nicht wahr?) over a long weekend blizzard of precision guided weaponry reinforced with AFRICOM's very first foray into Africa proper.

Great Satan has long tried the fun friendly way with Sudan - and for whatever reason - the results are a continuing problem from hello.

Two of Great Satan's hottest hoochies could expertly rally nat'l and internat'l opinion - Ambassador Dr Rice and NSC's Dr Sam Pow could make a literally killer case for killing Sudan's regime.

Oh! It's true bay bee! In such a hap hap happy slash awesome event - in the ruins - someone much worse could rise up, seize the reigns of power.

That is actually a good thing.

Mainly cause someone much worse will have much to contemplate about modern statecraft, R2P clause and Great Satan's intolerance for state sponsored genocide as they police multiple smoking craters of their recently departed misguided ex leaders.

 Pic - "What I'm Gunna Do Now Is Freak The Freak Out"


SecondComingOfBast said...

One of the biggest problems with taking out Sudan is China. That's where they get a lot of their oil (or are working towards it at least), and the last I heard they were very reluctant to interfere with internal issues in Sudan.

Any overt move to overthrow the regime in Khartoum would almost have to be unilateral. It just wouldn't fly in the UN. China wouldn't even have to worry about having to exercise its Security Council veto. We would be completely on our own.

The most the UN would do is open up a few more refugee rape camps. As for George Clooney, I think he's just in this for the lulz. He knows we won't attack Khartoum, and he would go insane if we did.

Paul Champagne said...

As long as we continue to rely on China for our extravagant spending ... China will be able to thwart our every move.

Knowing that China has their back is what is allowing that madman in North Korea to lob artillery at the South. He knows that we are too afraid of pissing off our Chinese benefactors to do something about it.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Well, time for China to hop on the Great Power = Great Responsibility train, nicht wahr? If collectivist Sinolanders really wanna be a major player - NoKo and Sudan are two wonderfully ops for them to do it to it.

If they leave it up to GrEaT sAtAn to take out the trash - they will have to cultivate new ties, new deals and a new worldview - far diff from their wanna be parasitical type endeavors riding on America's coat tails.

Also Sudan is on the short list of Great Satan's hit list of nation states that sponsor terrorism. Reason enough to take them out - ALL the way out.

Jpck20 said...

I do like the way you think ma'am!!!