Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Often times during 'xtended holiday family rehookups and reunions - things get off the hook double quick time. Rowdy assetted little boy cuzes and nephews enjoy violent 'rassling' gymnastics and thrashing the living daylights on hapless girl kin. Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Kinda the same in the diplopolititary au courant with one of Great Satan's oldest allies since Cold War time.

For SoKo - in the last two years especially - provocatation piles up faster on a girl than uncles at a family reunion football game.

The current artillery duel betwixt battery fire and counterbattery fire is just one of several signals dying Dear Leader and Young General is sending about the perils of ignoring the world's only new clear underground slave ran rocket factory with a nation state attached.

"...Previous skirmishes along the border - including the deaths of 46 South Korean sailors when the corvette Cheonan was torpedoed on March 26 - but the stakes are getting higher.

"...The exchange follows the revelation last week of a hitherto unknown North Korean uranium enrichment plant to a visiting US scientist. Siegfried Hecker, who previously directed the Los Alamos National Laboratory, told The New York Times he had been ''stunned'' by the plant's sophistication. North Korea said it was operating 2000 centrifuges.

"...If verified, this would take Pyongyang towards creating a far more powerful arsenal than the estimated eight to 12 plutonium-based warheads that have been built over the past five years.

Instead of taking China's cue to refire up the always on again off again double Ménage à trois party jawflapping it may be time instead to zoom out of the double Korea peninsula and consider some hot options that affect Collectivist China's control of her only client state.

Dealing with NoKo is a sucker play 

"Restraint could be interpreted as weakness by the unpredictable North Korean regime. Too much rattling of swords after the North Korean attack, on the other hand, could lead to further crisis."

Face it - for whatever reason - NoKo is acting out - with the tacit or implied blessing of China. Try to imagine a rowdy NoKo poking tender sensitive portions of Collectivist China with hot gossip about free trade, human rights or Xianity - let alone sinking ships, new clear oath breaking and shelling villages - and China would stop it before Bfast time. 
"...Enough is enough. China will soon be a global power to rival the United States. With that might must come the maturity to act responsibly. South Korea has been pushed to the limit — over the last eight months, it has seen a warship blown out of the water in the dead of night and now, its civilians have been shelled in their own homes. 

"...If the South is pushed further, it will strike back. The danger inherent to that situation cannot be overstated. The time has come for China to either reign in its recklessly ally or cut them loose.

Containment is a played, failed policy that has only begat misery and death. 

"...Practicing containment and hoping for the day when North Korea will finally implode. For those who advocate containment as the solution to the Iranian nuclear threat, it is worth noting how destabilizing a nuclear-armed rogue state can be and how hard it is to contain.   

The options are as provocative as wearing a thong to Church:

"...North Korea's threat will only end when it does, and that day cannot come soon enough.

SoKo's capitol city lies within easy range of NoKo's assorted artillery and rocketry fire.

The ultimate sitch is plain: regime change. That would only happen if China gave the totalitarian dynasty in Pyongyang the old heave ho.

 ReKoreanification - rehooking up both North and South into one fun, free choice society. And the best way for that hap hap happy day to dawn is to play up China's fears.  If China freaks the freak out at the thought of thousands of starving refugees crashing the border and gobbling up humanitarian goodies - a reunify policy would ensure SoKo took on the lions share of assimilation, food and fundage for their own across the world's largest minefield. The Koreas would be totally busy for years tending to themselves.

If China fears a new clear SoKo, Taiwan or Nippon - then perhaps Great Satan should pretend to encourage her three hot! democrazy sisters to start fiddling about with new clear weaponry programs of their very own. 

Pic - "Ddok barohae neon joengmal 'bad boy! Sarangbodan hogishimbbun!"


Jpck20 said...

If push came to shove, one would think China would side with keeping its economy in shape vs. getting into a trade war or even worse, a shooting war, with Great Satan over 'Best Korea'.

However, the Chinese can be brick-headed idiots.

We shall see.

A. S. Wise said...

These are dangerous times we live in. Exactly the reason why we cannot afford to cutback on our military capabilities.

War News Updates Editor said...

I love your blog and your style of writing. Makes me feel young again. Keep it up.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Thanks for the commentary and kind words!

SecondComingOfBast said...

You know, I'm starting to wonder if China doesn't have a lot more control over NK than it wants us to know about. Like maybe they're even pulling their strings up to a point.

The uranium processing plant recently revealed by the North is so advanced, many think they couldn't possibly have constructed it without outside help. Who but China would do that? Or could?

I'm seriously thinking North Korea might not be so much China's bad-tempered lap dog as it is a well-trained yet overly vicious pit bull of a guard dog, fed on a steady diet of bloody red meat and gunpowder.

Let them loose from time to time to raze hell and ratchet up the fear and uncertainty, then put on an appearance of reining them in. If so, what's the end game in sight? If it does turn into a full-scale shooting war, what does China stand to gain? Possibly a collapse of US influence in the region, and beyond?

With Barak Obama in the WH they have to be thinking, there's no time like the present.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Pagan Temple - no doubt - China could handle this in a heartbeat - kinda makes a mockery of their hot! desires for hyper puissance - if they can't handle their only rowdy client state with an underground rocket factory attached.

Unless of course - they ARE calling all the shots in Young General/Dear Leader's brinkmanship...

Rusty Walker said...

I tend to think that China has its own secret agenda in this. We Americans still think Russia and China can be our friends because we do business with them!

NK followed Mao principles right down to the starving of its people. These depraved leaders won't be happy until they have forced a nuclear war.