Wednesday, November 17, 2010

4 Ever Detentions

Ah - Gitmo.

Once proclaimed the most inflammatory two syllables in world history - capable of raising an army of violent Hajies everywhere on the surface of the globe - all totally heck bent to wreak righteous vengeance on Great Satan's wicked forsakingment for something something 'Rule of Law"

The offense of G -amo condenses down to two issues: 

"The principle of holding people indefinitely without charge, and the new procedures of the military trials or 'commissions" the United States has devised to try the very few captives whom it has charged, which do not give the accused the usual rights of conventional military or criminal courts."  

Often when and in the course of human events au courant, it's easy to look about New Millennium America and wonder why cause there have been so few 911 type horrors - perpetuated on a fun free choice society that - despite protestosterone to the the counter - is the mirror opposite in any thoughtful thinking - of certain 7th century enemies.

Oooh! Pick me! Pick me!

Dead or detained terrorists don't really have the ability to plot, plan, prep and perpetuate deadly attacks in the PBUH guy's god's name for starters.

"...  A terror network worried about drone strikes on its training camps does not have the luxury of taking the months it takes to plan and execute significant plots. Fresh intelligence from high-level captives disrupts plots in addition to making it extraordinarily difficult for al-Q'eda to embed capable cells in our homeland..."

The persnickety plight of 911 mastermind KSM pops up like a periscope. Despite the best inappropriate handwringing in memory - it's time to speak of the 4 Ever Detentions:

KSM and other Gitmo Alums will "...remain in military detention without trial for the foreseeable future..." 

Forseeable future? How long is that in cat years?

"...A trial is unlikely to happen before the next presidential election and, even then, would require a different political environment..." 

Sweet! Well, almost - a 1st class fast track military tribunal followed up with a cameo appearance by a 1st class volunteer firing squad on free commercial free tv and youtube would be best - tho the forever detentions are a close second.

Regardless of who hangs at 1600 P'vania Ave - this partic signal is awesomely conflict free to the rest of the world.

First - like it or not - it's war. Thusly:

Ain't no tellin' what all will happen cap'n, when enemies fall into America's righteous clutches!

Pic - "In wartime - Great Satan is kinda crazy And unpredictable."



A. S. Wise said...

World War IV: The Long Struggle Against Islamofascism is a must-read. I still can't believe how often our leaders seem to be in denial about the threats we face.

SecondComingOfBast said...

This is actually the first I've read about this issue in a long time. It will probably be pretty much relegated to the back burner until January 2013, or '17, or '21, etc. I'm pretty sure though that come January of one of those years we'll be hearing plenty about it, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Thanks for helping prepare us for that eventuality. I'm so impressed I took the time to alternate the upper-lower cases of your name in the correct fashion on my blogroll.

Nygdan said...

Also, there is precedent for permanent detention. During the Boer War (another war in which irregular non-aligned mobile /commando/ insurgents fought on their own rugged turf within their own population against a 'colonial' regular army) the Boer leadership, when captured, were sent to detention camp halfway around the world and many of them were simply held there until they died of old age. No tribunal, no 'international court of justice', no repatriation, not even years after the war was over (not to say thats what happened with everyone)

maxx said...

I don't want to feed 'em any longer. No more pointing out the easterly direction for their 5 times daily adoration of the moon god and his pedophile spokesdoofus. No more respectful treatment of the murdering nomads. Tribunals and a raffle for a spot on the firing line. Bring your own ammo freshly dipped in the life liquid of a porky, supposedly ala Black Jack.
Enuff is enuff and this is more than that.

J. said...

Britain compensates former Gitmo detainees because of US torture practices


Render said...


Self-proclaimed WMD expert continuously moves goalposts to support pre-conceived claims that never had any bearing on present reality.

Imagine that…

Having Yellowcake for your birthday Mr. Sigger? It was you that mailed that envelope of white powder to Bristol Palin, wasn’t it?