Sunday, November 21, 2010

Best Week Ever

The biggest news this week was the awarding of the Medal of Honor to Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta, who is the first living person to receive the medal since the Vietnam War. President Obama presented the medal to Staff Sgt. Giunta in a ceremony at the White house this week, calling Giunta "as humble as he is heroic". Yet, that didn't stop some from offering ill-conceived critiques; fortunately, Adam Weinstein, the Ink Spots crew and the Panda Hat Twins promptly shot such criticism down.

In other news, the US is deploying M-1 Abrams tanks to Afghanistan for the first time. (Just don't tell anyone we stole this idea from the Canadians and the Danes) Col. Gian Gentile and Mark Twain weighed in on counterinsurgency, Ackerman explored a super-secret insurgent hunting jet (with a built-in bar), and Caped Crusader Doctrine Man made the New York Times.

Yet, all was not entirely awesome. An F-22 Raptor, the most advanced fighter in the world, recently crashed in Alaska, with the pilot, Captain Jeffrey Haney, still reported missing. Ian Elliot also reports on one solider's sacrifice which has helped save dozens of lives. Plus, if this story doesn't make you tear up, you're simply not human.

Submitted by Starbuck from Wings over Iraq


SecondComingOfBast said...

My only quibble with The Moral Liberal (besides the fact that his nom de plume is an oxymoron) is how he phrases his complaint-the "feminization" of the Medal of Honor. I would prefer the term "wussification". Otherwise, I get his point. By the same token, I have to wonder if in this movern world of warfare it is even possible for a prospective Medal of Honor winner to kill a sufficient number of the enemy to qualify for the award without simultaneously finding himself presented with a cordial invitation to face a war crimes tribunal.

maxx said...

Maybe I'm confused but I don't think Moral Liberal was saying what Weinstein seems to be implying.
Pagan Temple nails it as well. Killing bad guys and breaking shit is used to denigrate and prosecute our people not rightfully honor them. Stating that most obvious fact (Haditha anyone?) is not taking anything away from the actions of a hero like SSGT Giunta. I'm rather surprised his killing of at least one Taliban was even mentioned let alone spoken of by the POTUS.