Monday, November 22, 2010

44's Hit List

Inter arma enim silent leges, carus!

Ancient Roman for "In wartime - the Law is silent, Bay Bee!"

The elderly paw paw Pre911 era of Peace Time is sooo over - it's war - like it not - yet 44's got the hots for an American born citizen enemy that is off the hook y'all!

While far too often engaging in inappropriate non profit handwringing about stuff that truly never matters, the 'Merican Civil Lib Union and Center for Constitutional Rights have attorneyed up against 44's underwhelming Justice Dept on behalf of the creepy American terrorist/terrorist lover 
Anwar al-Awlaki.

These cats argue 44 doesn't have the legal bona fides to order the assassination of American citizens. 

"...That's right, so in order for the kill order to stand, Awlaki should be stripped of his citizenship.
44 has exceeded his power in ordering Awlaki's assassination. Americans abroad are protected by constitutional guarantees of due process, at least when faced with U.S. government action..."

The very idea that a CiC could draft lottie dottie any American body on a Great Satan sanctioned hit list is bleeding alarming! 

"...If the precedent of unilaterally targeting Awlaki without due process stands, then anyone could go on the list..."

Thankfully - there are some lawyer friendly tricks and twists Great Satan could pursue to grant America's American enemies an instant guilt free ticket to the perfumed gardens of Paradise.

"...Awlaki would no longer have constitutional protections if he lost his citizenship. In 1940, Congress passed legislation that established a number of statutory "expatriating acts," which automatically voided American citizenship if undertaken voluntarily. These included taking an oath to a foreign power, serving in the military of a country at war with the United States, or committing treason. The intent of Congress was to make clear that some actions were by their nature fatal to being an American.

"...Subsequent Supreme Court decisions restricted but did not overturn the law. In Afroyim v. Rusk (1967), the high court determined the 14th Amendment is "most reasonably ... read as defining a citizenship which a citizen keeps unless he voluntarily relinquishes it." 

"...This doesn't mean Awlaki remains a citizen until he explicitly says otherwise. In Vance v. Terrazas (1980), the court ruled that "intent to relinquish citizenship" may be "expressed in words or ... found as a fair inference from proved conduct."

"...AaA easily passes the "expatriating acts" test. He is a senior al Qaeda leader who's actively engaged in promoting jihad against our country. He helped instigate the Fort Hood massacre and the failed Northwest Flight 253 Christmas Day underwear bombing. Awlaki is literally at war with America.

"...It is more than a "fair inference" that Awlaki no longer considers himself an American. The theme of his most recent videotaped rant is the permissibility of jihadists to kill any and all Americans at any time without special instructions. 

"Don't consult with anybody in killing the Americans, they are the party of the devils." His consistent use of the third person in referring to Americans is a clear indication that he doesn't consider himself one of us.

"... He made this point explicitly when he stated that followers of Islam such as himself and Americans "are two opposites who will never come together." 

In his heart and mind, Awlaki has left Great Satan - his own homeland - behind.

 Ideally - AaA should be stripped of his American citizenship without restraint, modesty or delay. Followed up with a 1st class hit youtubed.

"...The way is clear for the government to strip Awlaki of his citizenship, which should be a necessary precondition for any covert direct action against any American. Assassinating U.S. citizens abroad, even loathsome creatures like Awlaki, is a high crime against the Constitution. Mr. Obama would do well to take note of that before pulling the trigger.

Pic - "Some creeps need killing"


SecondComingOfBast said...

Of course, there is a workaround. If by some twist of fate Awlaki happened to be in proximity to obviously radical terrorists who were known to be planning attacks either in or out of Yemen, and we targeted such radicals, and Mr. Awlaki happened to be "accidentally" killed, then well, collateral damage does happen, ya know.

Anonymous said...

420 assassinate american citizens errday

there is literally no way this could ever set a bad precedent or be bad, up the governmental assassinations

Unknown said...

I linked to you..