Friday, November 12, 2010

Reach Out!

"You could live easy if life stood still" 

Can the Paw Paw era soundtrack for the o tuff love scenario be applied like 'kini wax to certain - uh - sensitive, tender portions -  in the often unreal risible arena of diplopolititary endeavors au courant?

Like 44's recent excellent foreign adventure day trip through democratic m'Hammedist rich nation states? 

In India - 44 got bushwacked by the you know what quiz and replied with the usual pontificating pontificate preponderance of how precious, praised and preferred  an unexcitable, less rowdy laid back PBUHism  could be

In the increasingly intolerant democracy of Indonesia, 44 was on the biz end of a really pertinent quiz - the status of Great Satan's outreach effortry to m"hammedists worldwide and responded with even way more inappropriate handwringing disguised as progress and threw in some sister democrazy trash talk 'bout Little Satan's Apartments of War.

Well, that's the rub, nicht wahr? 

Great Satan's outreaching reach around to the m'Hammedist world' premise is totally bassackwards. Tardist in fact.

A far better case could be easily made repeatedly, without modesty or restraint that a certain powerless power bloc should be reaching out to Great Satan. 

Why not?

Woman worshipping, blood thirsty, blood sucking Great Satan, has in little over a decade, freed Palestinian hatin' haughty Kuwait, saved bunches of Bosnians, kaboodles of Kosovars, fed skinny Somalis, urged Commonwealth not to kill Chechnyans, warned the world about Sudan's creepy little Hitler Junior, put paid to the genuinely insane Taliban's genocidal rule and made dang sure that no longer were Shiites and Kurds to be literally ground to dust in Iraq.

Not to mention giving tons of bling to rocket rich rejectionists and PLOld school illegit regimes -  who haven't held an election since Pre Surge days - m'hammedists all - in the faux Palestines

Or, way back in the last millennium (1973 for those who collect such intell) when Great Satan asked Little Satan to please not park her panzers in downtown Cairo and Damascus. Or, that Great Satan blings way more tons of cash to Egypt, Jordan and Pakistan than she ever has for Little Satan.
Surely Shirley - that's worth a little recog and a high 5 or 3.

In an add 'em up additional addition - there are actually a few no strings attached signals  le m"Hammedist Bloc could send, aside from o, say Land of the Pure's Superiority Laws. 

Return Hagia Sophia :
One of Xiandoms oldest Churches taken in a bloody battle and xformed along with Constantinople into yet another m'sque in Istanbul. Returning it to Xianity would be a wonderfully crunk attempt to build bridges betwixt 2 Peaceful religiosities, as well as defuse the - uh,  surely disputable - idea that a certain conquering belief consecrates victory monuments to victory on the foundations of  conquered beliefs.  

Self imposed tolerance: 
Like a few gay bars in Damscus, Strip Clubs in the Strip, breast cancer centers in Baluchistan, churches in Jeddah, abortion clinics in Amman and casinos in Cairo would be nice too.

Or a rich, leisured indepth creatively cooperative response to Uncle Tony's latest quiz 'bout why cause certain elements in Europa - for whatever reason - cannot leave ancient tribalistic superiority complexes in the old country and hop on in the fun free choice new millennium.

"...There has to be a shared acceptance that some things we believe in and we do together: obedience to certain values like democracy, rule of law, equality between men and women; respect for national institutions. This common space cannot be left to chance or individual decision. It has to be accepted as mandatory..." 

A friendly hello to Little Satan could be done in like a billion diff ways. 

Official recog as a nation state. The "3 No's of Khartoum' have totally backfired in any measure of endeavor and have solved nothing - aside from massive LOLZ  re: Arab League's laughably pitiful military bona fides

UnAssing the al Aqza thingy and returning the you know what to Little Satan easily comes to mind. All the cool kids know the PBUH guy himself hopped a tripping trip on a unicorned peaguses to the far off m'sque in the before time. Izzy City is never mentioned as le place des armes in the k'ran - the furtherest m'sk could very well be 1/2 way 'round the globe from Mecca (truly - who could say?) - not a day's bus ride up the road.
Increasingly - not only Americans - yet perhaps most of Great Satan's Hot! League of Democrazies fubar sistas - are sick of a one way - all the way - reach around to tons of 7th century thinking (cos they don't know the secret!!) that appears intolerantly unhinged, mean to girls, risibly backwards and politically helplessly hopeless.

There are tremendous opportunities for such an outreach to Great Satan.

Pic - "Hey y'all! Take hold of the flame!"


Jpck20 said...

It speaks volumes that our so-called 'Commander in Chief' was not even in the USA to honor the Veterans.

In fact, he was in another country, honoring THEIR Veterans.

What a fucking slap in our face. Hey guess what Barry? FUCK YOU TOO!!!

Brian said...

Amazing writer. Like judo chops to the neckthroat of moroninity.

The Great Satan could do a lot worse.