Thursday, November 18, 2010

Grand Bargain!

Perhaps the biggest tag team teasers in the realm of the diplopolititary are the Ayatollah lovin' Leverettes. Dr Flynt and Dr Hillary routinely hook up to diss, discombobulate and dismiss the hard won convincing conventional concerns about a new clear Mullahopolis.

An inside out regime change (the best of all - nicht wahr) in Iran? No way! Supreme Leader and his control freak posse are precious, praised and preferred. Dissidents are doofuses, better to cut a deal than project crazy dreams that Iranians would rather do a fun free choice society.

Break out a NATO style Containment regimen and sweetly stymie atomic power preachers and their legion of regional non state actor outers? No way! A new clear Iran could bribe their way out of any attempt ala ME hegemonic interruptus. 

So, what exactly do Mr and Ms Mahdi minion recommend?

That's the rub Mon frer'.

Like a promiscuous dalliance - softly breathed rather than enunciated - the despotic duo never really gives up the hot deets - always pussyfoot around the direction they alone could deploy to turn Iran from an oath breaking far field competitor that enjoys ruthlessly maintaining domestic control, sexing up a one sect control of m'Hammedism while hooking up with myriad terrorist groups as forward elements of state and policy projection into a really cool partner for good stuff on a regional scale.

Leverettes are talking bout that Grand Bargain

As best understood - when Operation Enduring Freedom got unwound and began to decimate Taliban controlled Afghanistan - Preacher Command was so sweet, so helpful - so - all together with it - helping Great Satan laugh off the Imperial Graveyard meme and toss Taliban on the same pile as Waffen Ss, Confederacy or Nipponese Kamikazes.

Legend has it Great Satan ruined everything by dissing Iranian desires to proceed from helpfully hurtfull battlefield intell and gossip to more grander concerns.

This is the significant flaw in the 'Grand Bargain: The Beginning" theory. It was actually Iran that queered the mix with asymmetrical doublespeak and over reach - also nom d' guerr'd 'Karine A.' The illicit ship loaded to the gun whales with illegal weaponry that sailed from Iran to comrade Poppa Arafat's Strip in flagrant en flagrante.

The Leverettes have yet to venture to vocalize exactly what a 'Grand Bargain' with Iran would be.

Most likely cause they know it will be a very tough sell - wiping clean and drawing again the face of the Middle East:

 Iraq should be dissolved into 4 bits: Shia Baghdad, Sunni Anbar, independent Kurdistan and a new Iranian province comprising Basra, Najaf, Karbala and Kuwait.

The gulf states of Bahrain (outright annexation by Iran) Qatar, the UAE and Saudi Arabia are Persia's any time she wants them. And Mullahopolis doesn't call their Ayatollah in Chief the "Supreme Leader" for nothing.

Since Saudiland is comparatively weak militarily with Iran,  (unless Saudi Bling Bling sails through congress) The dying House of Saud should cut a deal granting Iran the control of Mecca and Medina.

Jordan devolves into the new Palestinian State. Gaza goes to either Egypt or Little Satan. West Bank defaults to Little Satan with joint control of Jerusalem

And Bashar and Hiz'B'Allah get all of Lebanon to divy up as the new, improved version of 'Greater Syria' at the same incredible instant Land of the Pure sweetly desolves into 5 brand new ethnically, dialectically different tiny tiny Tribal areas.

Pic - "What it comes down to is this: Iran is the most powerful and stable country in the Middle East-a country the United States must either fight in a new war or come to terms with."


SecondComingOfBast said...

Dayum I'm going to end up stealing half your pics. I'm going to come back tomorrow and I'm actually going to read this post.

Anonymous said...

right on, i respect the leverets for walking when no one listened to them, but their trust in the IRANIANS is too koolaid

SecondComingOfBast said...

Iran in control of Mecca and Medina? I wouldn't know whether to jump up and cheer or hide under my bed.