Monday, March 14, 2011

Arab League To The Rescue?

Oh yeah - this is going to be real good!

Arab League finally busted out of their nonprofit jawflapping cocoon crying out for a phat No Fly Zone and proclaiming Colonel Khadaffy's Libya gov was illegit - and had lost sovereignty.

Remember - these are the same cats that advocated hanging all together before they would even consider dissing Sudan's genocidal and fellow autocrat Field Marshal President For Life Omar al Bashir as he became the world's 1st sitting pretty head o' State to get all indicted for War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity.

Believe it or don't - the raison d'etre for Arab League getting all hot and bothered is the fear of Foreign Intervention.

On memory stick, Arab League got tons of military game. Aegypt's mighty mighty army even sports a hot M1 panzer factory, Saudiland is fully crunk with Royal Princes jetting about in hot Great Satan built fighter jets and even Syria could sortee at least one reinforced panzer division of some merit.

And thanks to the ancient tribal shame/honor thingy - Riad Kahwaji, CEO, INEGMA points out 

"Arab troops would be able to operate more easily and effective on the ground in Libya than Westerners due to issues related to language, culture and geography.  An Arab joint force would have more success than a Western one in Libya, provided the joint force gets the needed political commitment regionally and internationally."

Aside from a few adventures like Kuwait and Lebanon - Arab League militaries seem more adept at cracking heads at home and cheering on rowdy terrorist orgs that hang and start chiz from the comfort of heavy innocent civie rich turf instead of deploying and enjoying old school set piece battles.

Still -

"...What we need is an Arab and Islamic answer, an Arab force to protect Benghazi and Cyrenaica. Egypt has practiced intervention there since a brief border war with Gaddafi in the 1970s. Egyptian armor would be more than sufficient to stop Gaddafi, and Egypt’s American jets should be able to defend the east's skies. Other Muslim states, like Turkey, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or Jordan, could provide contingents to help and to give political cover.

"...The key is in Cairo. Is the military regime that replaced Mubarak willing to act? Or do they wait for a refugee disaster? Are the revolutionaries of Tahrir Square ready to help their Libyan brothers? Is Amr Musa and the Arab League ready to save Benghazi? The Arab League has sent deterrent forces in the past to Kuwait and Lebanon. Can it help Libya? The U.N. is much more likely to back an Arab and Muslim force than it is to support NATO in this situation."

Let's just see if Aegypt can sortee a reinforced mechanized corps next door providing their very own air power, logistical and humanitarian s'pport structures in a regime changin' endeavor of their very own design - that - Free! No Charge! - sets up a hot! precedent for doing Sudan next. Or Somalia. Or (insert fav Arab League despotry in extremis here).

Or see if autocratical bindings have queer'd the mix on audacious warmaking - granting a weird remix of Afrika Korps/8th Army see saw back and forth ancient era panzer kampfen.

Pic - "You mess with me, I'll mess with her. I'll make sure you get what you deserve" with especial thanks to Professor S at Zenpundit and Adam at Rethinking Security 


smitty1e said...

You can have a rockin' Order of Battle, but if your people suck, then all you can do with the OOB is posture.
The only air force of note in the region is that of Israel.
Stay groovy, CM!

Findalis said...

The Arab League can't fight its way out of a paper bag. How the hell will it stop Qadaffy?