Wednesday, March 2, 2011



Hot on the heels of the Earl Grey/Darjeeling/Green brewed up TP FoPo (New! Now with antioxidents!) schisimus possibiliteus, jets in an op to compare the Paw Paw era neocats with the new, sexyful upcrunk daemoneoconservatists.

As rock rock rocking protests rock the risible - yet - sad - collective of failing/failed nation states collectively nom d'guerr'd  "Arab League" - two schools of tho't have appeared in the ranks.

While it is totally true it only takes more than one and less than three neoconista intellectual gankstas' to begat fun, fast, emo free, fact heavy debatery on nearly any subject (It's true! The super secret college neocon coven's double secret "Committee of 5" often indulges in worrying about the wrong thing - with consistently inconsistent results) - the fact remains the elderly guard is off track while the new school be surgin'.

Essentially - certain cats have almost raced back to realpolitik - afraid of instability more than hot for change.

"Yes, the Egyptian revolution is broad-based. But so were the French and the Russian and the Iranian revolutions. Indeed in Iran, the revolution only succeeded -- the shah was long opposed by the mullahs -- when the merchants, the housewives, the students and the secularists joined to bring him down. 

"...And who ended up in control? The most disciplined, ruthless and ideologically committed -- the radical Islamists. This is why our paramount moral and strategic interest in Egypt is real democracy in which power does not devolve to those who believe in one man, one vote, one time."

Whale, see -it is totally true that fair and free elections can have some literally killer funintended consequences. Like the Strip freely and fairly voting in the World's very first Suicide Regime. Or body part collecting rocket rich rejectionist Hiz'B'Allah's ability to twist parlimentary procedures to a most unfun and unfree ultimate design.

In contrasting contrast - the hot democrazy fans (moi included - natch) totally disagree that sucking up to benign despots is cool or even a real choice

All the avuncular - "...William Kristol, Elliott Abrams, and Paul Wolfowitz- all of us believe the ME "...tumult is cause for bliss and a new dawn, nothing less than the vindication of the Reagan (and George W. Bush) doctrines of spreading freedom whenever and wherever possible. 

 "It turns out, as those demonstrators are telling us, that supporting freedom is the best policy of all." 

Despite scary penchants for body part chopping, m"Hammedist centric santioned murder on anyone who happens to disagree with m"Hammedist centric elements and the ever risible Little Satan phobia  - Preacher Commands in Persia and the Strip have proven they are quite adept at bloodletting, containing new dance moves, panties and cool hair do's (or hair don't's - nicht wahr?)  yet - their singular and collective track records on statecraft au courant are weaker than dropping two xanex dosed with two double jägers.

Any winners in any elections will have to deliver - lest new improved Rage Days bust out.

Anywrought, there is truly little cause for alarm amongst the cool kids. Oh, it's true bay bee!

Patriotism, Internat'lism,  Primacy, Unilateralism, Militarism and Democrazy Promotion are highly desirable and totally correct - as proven by wikileaks, events au courant and the amazing flashback to Uncle Tony's daemoneoconic demarché

L'balance betwixt nat'l (internat'l - whoa!) interests and idealism has always been vexed - like hanging out with a guy you know your bff is totally crazy about. Yet the discussion is a very cool reminder of how far neoconservatism has moved away from its realist origins and toward unabashed democracy promotion.

Update - Cheque New Repub's  piece here -  "Little Satan would love to be surrounded by democracies—but only if they are genuine democracies with all of the attendant qualities: checks on power, secularism, a free press, and other features that distinguish a truly liberal democracy from an illiberal one. Indeed, Israelis warn that Americans, including neocons, have too narrow a view of what democracy entails".

Pic - "If we mean to preserve our own way of life in the world–and our dominance–we will have to overcome the new foreign-policy pessimism and align our strategy with our principles.