Monday, December 29, 2008

Strip Blitz

Since Saturday morning (Dec. 27), the IDF has struck approximately 210 sites utilized by the HAMAS in the Gaza Strip. These attacks, collectively known as Operation Cast Lead, are a part of operations aimed at destroying the HAMAS' infrastructure that has enabled continued terrorist attacks from the Gaza Strip on Little Satan's south 40.

In addition to the sites attacked on Saturday, 30 HAMAS sites were attacked by IDF forces last night. The targeted sites include command centers, training camps, rocket manufacturing and weapon storage facilities, and other sites crucial to HAMAS' command, control and communications - like Gaza's HAMAS University.

HAMAS' militarized fanboys are called the Izz Ad-Din al-Qassam Brigade, their HQ was actually the first hit by multiple 500 Lb guided weapons just as senior staff arrived for coffee and doughnuts.

Target lists hit including a cool description (available here) makes the case that Little Satan has been casing the Strip for just such an eventuality.

Little Satan also attacked over 40 tunnels in the Rafah area which are a part of the tunnel network used by the HAMAS for smuggling weaponry as part of their terror activity in the Gaza Strip. The tunnels were also used for the transfer of terror operatives from Egypt to the Gaza Strip and back.

Little Satan's Deputy PM (she also holds the Foreign Ministry portfolio) and candidate for Prime Minister in Little Satan's 'lections coming up in Feb, Tzipi Livni danced around a quiz about trekking into Gaza proper or about utterly destroying HAMAS.

"Our goal is not to reoccupy Gaza Strip. We left Gaza Strip. We took off for the south. We dismantled all the settlements. But since Gaza Strip has been controlled by the extremists and since Gaza Strip has been controlled by Hamas and since Hamas is using Gaza Strip in order to target us, we need to give an answer to this."

"Right now Hamas didn't accept, is not willing to accept the requirements of the international community, is not willing to accept the right of Israel to exist. It violates any kind of understandings and is using terror against Israeli civilians. So it cannot be legitimate and acceptable right now."

Pic - "Paradise is in the shadow of the sword"


Findalis said...

You hit it right on. Hamas is only getting back at them what they sent out. And the IAF is doing all it can not to hurt innocent passers by. But yesterday it was 40 tunnels hit in 4 minutes. Now that's precision.

a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

So let me get this right...Israel's not the bad guy? I'm thinking we may need to stand up ourselves rather than expect our government to do the right thing. England, Germany, etc. all have swell protesters, perhaps we should all take a page from them and go whining/screaming for blood at their embassies...this whole frickin' thing is getting out of hand as I type.

AmPowerBlog said...

Nice posting, Courtney!

I have Shimon Peres' statement at AmPow. Israel Matzev has a cool post up suggesting the ground incursion coming.

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

israel is fuck

Findalis said...

No, Hamas and Gaza will be toasted.

jim.carroll said...


Over at Radarsite, I made the suggestion that we assemble some of the Manchester United chaps (aka "football hooligans") and tell them that those foreign-looking gents were actually demonstrating in favor of the Paris St Germain football club, and making sure everyone knew how Paris would decimate everyone (including MU) in the semifinals, seeing how MU wasn't worth merde.

Interesting idea, ne ce pas?