Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Coercive Diplomacy

Sir Harold Nicolson taught the classy definition of "diplomacy" in the historically essential "Peacemaking 1919" as

"the management of international relations by negotiation."

A century later, Great Satan's Madame Sec HRC 's diplomatic philosophy is pretty classy too.

"I believe in coercive diplomacy. You try to figure out how to move bad actors in a direction that you’d prefer in order to avoid more dire consequences."

Moving bad actors about on fun, free concepts like internat'l peace, nat'l security, and humanitarian justice can be done the fun friendly way - like with Libya - or the old school regime heave ho at the point of a thousand cruise missiles followed quick time with heathen hellions heralding hard won combat bona fides - the most proficient, high tech all weather killers of killers in recorded history.

Either way is fine.

Coercive diplomacy sweetly applies pressure in an irresistable manner and magnitude that

"seeks to persuade an opponent to cease aggression rather than
bludgeon him into stopping…just enough force of an appropriate kind to demonstrate resolution and to give credibility to the threat that greater force will be used if necessary."

Soft Power is never really soft. There is always Hard Power cruising the hood.

Why did Japan fall in love with baseball?

Why did Deutschland dig The Beatles?

Or Mommie India cotton to cricket?

Coercive diplomacy by definition includes - coercion.

Like in 1999. Milosevic dissed Madame Sec Madelaine's sweet talk to split from a bloody rampage in Kosovo and much to his dismay, ruin and death, rued the day he called Great Satan's bluff (though not before forcing a European war that Nato nearly lost).

Force and diplomacy reinforced the future credibility of threats.

Like in Libya. Jumped up junta Colonel/President for Life Khadaffy totally freaked when Great Satan defeated the largest Arab army in history and regime changed the living daylights out of Iraq in 20 days.

Opting for a policy change instead, Libya required firm and repeated reassurances that concessions on terrorism and WMD would not be the harbinger of doom that a full blown regime change often presents. Great Britain and Great Satan's secret talks, crucial communications with 3rd parties and verifiable supervision ensured desired behavior progressed as desired.

Sudan's Field Marshall President for Life Bashir (the International Criminal Court is set to issue an arrest warrant for Bashir on charges of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes) and his posse of intolerants are starting to freak too.

Soon to be Madame Secretary HRC has called for a NATO-enforced no-fly zone to sweetly "blanket" Darfur to keep Sudan from bombing villages. Future U.N. ambassador and cabinet member, Susan E. Rice has pushed for airstrikes and a naval blockade of Sudan's major port to prevent lucrative oil exports. Rice has vowed to "go down in flames" providing the 'coercive' in coercive diplomacy.

Military intervention could have dangerous consequences for Sudan - the largest nation in all of Africa and all nine of her neighbors.

Unnamed UN cats plea

"As revolting as this government may be, they are indispensable to solving the problem of Sudan. They are part of the problem and part of the solution. If the Obama administration is going to be driven by anger, then really, really it is going to be tragic, naive politics."

An unnamed advisor to 44 pointed out the naive move would be to think it is possible to trust Bashir's regime, a historical oathbreaker and highly unpopular across much of Sudan.

Military options, including covert operations and regime change, are likely to remain under serious discussion in the new administration.

"These people have been in power for almost 20 years. I doubt that the
majority of Sudanese would cry if they were ousted."

Pic "The world is a ho, beotch. And Great Satan is da pimp"


Right Truth said...

"Soft Power is never really soft. There is always Hard Power cruising the hood." So true, and getting this message across is no easy task.

Right Truth