Friday, December 19, 2008

Tahdiya Or Not Tahdiya?

In Mohammedist jurisprudence -'tahdiya' is a somewhat loaded term. Essentially, meaning a moment of calm. Like calm before a storm?

Maybe. The hudnaesque Tahyida officially ends today. HAMAS claims they have no interest in maintaining or extending a mini truce that benefits Little Satan

Facing a serious threat from the Mohammedist Brotherhood affiliate in the Strip, Pyramidland brokered a deal between Little Satan and HAMAS' Strip in which the benefits to Little Satan are as dubious as wearing a thong to church.

Nevertheless, neither side seems to have been happy with how tahdiya played out.

Little Satan has been vocal about her view that the calm has not served her interests. To be fair, HAMAS' launching 109 rockets and 97 mortar rounds in November alone seem to bear this out.

HAMAS claims it is totally uncool for Little Satan to act out and blow up smuggle tunnels, vaporize home grown rocket artillery squads (often before they could launch), queering the mix on the slow trickle of goodies into the Strip and Pyramidland's closure of Rafah Crossing.

Actually - HAMAS is reacting to 2 very clear double dares.

First - Great Satan's coveted umbrella covenant. It kills the last 'No' of the nigh century old '3 No's of the Khartoum KKKonference' (No talks with Little Satan, No Peace with Little Satan and No Recognition of Little Satan).

Lottie dottie everybody in the ME has 'talked' with Little Satan - even HAMAS. Palestine's dual daddies of Jordan and Egypt have consistently maintained their cold and semi cold Peace Treaties.

And Saudi Initiative has teased Little Satan with Arab League's delish official recognition persuasion since 2002. Nigh impossible now for Arab League to pretend Little Satan isn't in the house with an officially unknown number of deliverable Nagasakis sweetly snuggled up in Great Satan's blanket of ultimate deterrence.

2nd signal?

Great Satan also pushed UN against the wall and made UN's Palestinians Only Club (UNRWA in UN speak) blame HAMAS' arsenal of rockets rendered supplying Little Satan's client state of the Strip as undoable

" due to rocket fire, hence the mills have run out of flour and
UNRWA has been forced to suspend food distribution. Food distribution for both emergency and regular programs will be suspended from Thurs 18th December until further notice.

All crossings for goods into the Strip are closed and no humanitarian
supplies, fuel and other needed commodities are being allowed to enter. A total of 750,000 refugees out of a population of 1.5 million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip depend on food assistance from UNRWA."

Oh Snap! Say it ain't so.

Aside from inflicting even more misery onto the voters in the Strip that freely elected the world's first suicide death cult government there are perhaps several benefits HAMAS has acquired during tahdiya.

Zooming out of Holyland for a sec, the regional rush is on.

Hiz'B'Allah, Syria and Iran have all hooked up, sounded off, re armed, upgraded and regrouped HAMAS during Tahdiya. Evidently - so much so - that HAMAS - feels totally free to totally diss 44's future nuke powered umbrella and resume the most favored nom de guerre of the anti Little Satan gangstas - "Enemy Entity"

This is significant

Despite recent claims that rushing into Palestinian statehood for an erratic unproductive radicalized peace partner is essential, a far different picture is emerging.

In the event of an escalation in the Strip, Great Satan's 44th admin should be prep'd to shape the violence especially on a regional scale - so, when the fighting ends, formation of a new, terrorfan free Palestinian unity gov and an advance into a 2 State deal can be sweetly escorted into the ME with full recognition of Little Satan from the entire Arab league.

Art - "Green Eggs and HAMAS"


Findalis said...

Now that the non-truce has ended, there is nothing stopping Little Satan from destroying Gaza if she want to. It would solve the problem once and for all.

Skunkfeathers said...

There is no truce with Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda, or their main broker, Iran, for Israel. Because the only truce that will cease attacks on Israel by those lowlifes will be either (a) Israel's removal from existence or (b) Israel destroying those entities, with Iran taking a turn away from supporting state-sponsored terrorism.

Not much of a Merry Christmas thought, but the truth is what it is.

I vote Israel declare open season, and institute no bag limits on Hamas, Hezbollah, et al, and not stop until there's none left to have the UN try for an Endangered Feces Act to protect Hamas, et al.

jim.carroll said...

A "2-State Solution" the way you mean it is totally the wrong-o way to go. There is ALREADY a Palestinian state: The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. After the Yom Kippur war of '73, Jordan was perfectly willing to receive all those Palestinian refugees into it. The problem was that Fatah (lead by Arafat) didn't want to give up power, so they formed a government within a government. When HRH's govt. objected, Fatah tried assasination, which lead to Black September, which lead Fatah to be expelled into Syria and Lebanon.

If the parties can get Fatah and HAMAS to give up their power, and submit to and recognize the Jordanian govt. as the legitimate voice of the Palestinian people, that might go a long way towards calming things down in the region. Of course, that will probably have to wait until after the next war is over and Israel can "strongly suggest" terms.

kevin said...

...or taqiyya? Mohammed himself said that "war is deception"

Ben Sutherland said...

This is why the Economist is the most credible conservative source in the world.

Because rational thought is not distributed equally.

"Now that the non-truce has ended, there is nothing stopping Little Satan from destroying Gaza if she want to. It would solve the problem once and for all.

It is strange that anyone would think such a foolish thing and not even think twice. To do so makes me question if people are thinking at all.

jim.carroll said...

Excellent interview over at FrontPage Magazine:

The Study of Political Islam

I hate to admit it, but I'm beginning to agree with those who say we need to legally define Islam as a political ideology and not a religion, so we can go about supressing it.