Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shoe Wars

-- U.S. occupation forces comb areas throughout Iraq in search of terrorist shoe factories.

-- A man wearing a shoe-belt around his waist has been arrested by a U.S. patrol in Baghdad as a would-be shoe-icide bomber.

-- Washington adds footwear to its terror list and passes a bill allowing wire taps on shoe stores and factories.

-- Several international shoe manufacturers deny U.S. charges of aiding terrorist organizations.

-- A top U.S. intelligence official, saying Zaidi's shoes were made in Syria and Iran, calls for their invasion.

-- Bush asks Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and his accompanying delegation to remove their shoes in the White House, and provides them with soft long-haired bunny slippers.

-- An emergency Arab League meeting elects to shut down all shoe stores when Western officials visit.

-- By presidential decree, Hosni Mubarak is now to hold all his press conferences inside mosques [where shoes are taken off outside].

-- Actually, the last one could be applied to any of the 22 leaders of the Arab League.

Pic - My Big Girl Shoes


kevin said...

Bring in Eddie Murphy's Mom for questioning.

Fast forward to 3:30