Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Truce Or Dare?

Catching breath after blistering Ezzedeen al Qassam Brigades hide, and totally decimating smuggle tunnels, rocket stashes and air conditioned offices and war rooms of HAMAS Strip the non Western way of War surfaces again with the term 'Truce'.

France's Darling Nikki and his EU buds are crafting such a device and Little Satan is alledgedly considering a truce to allow humanitarian aid into the Strip.

Little Satan herself is sending out conflicting signals too. Regime change HAMAS, don't regime change HAMAS.

Fact is, Operation Cast Lead is all about a delish mix of hudnaesque sincere blocs of insincere smokescreens.

Gloir's "Worst Case Scenerio" site hints that Little Satan used Pyramidland contacts to reassure HAMAS Little Satan wouldn't be acting out on a Saturday. Thus, creepy leaders hosted a graduation ceremony for rookie intolerant future killers and were granted instant, easy acess to the perfumed gardens of paradise.

That particular Corleone Family style Pearl Harbor blitz resulted in over 200 dead Ezzedeen al K'Ssams grads, cadre, teachers and leaders.

Snap intell reveals that HAMAS was totally caught off guard and totally unprepared for a Little Satan attack against the world's very 1st freely elected suicide regime.

"On Day 3 of the conflict, Hamas overcame the havoc Israel's electronic warfare wrought to its communications system by deploying runners using every means of transport, from bikes to donkeys, to maintain connections within their force.

"Hamas' most pressing problem now is morale. The top level of Hamas, government heads and commanders, including their "chief of staff" Ahmed Jabari and chiefs of divisions, battalions and companies, are hunkered down in underground bunkers, afraid to surface for fear of being struck down by Israel bombers alerted by Shin Bet intelligence spotters. Resentment of this is growing in Hamas ranks, including the missile crews who operate in the open and whose numbers have swelled the death toll rising now to almost 400."

Civilians are also bitter at being forced to house operatives and missiles and exposing themselves to collateral damage. "

IDF General Staff at the shiny shiny MoD digs near Tel Aviv mentions

"The campaign has just started. It won't be quick. The worst part is not behind us but still ahead and we must be ready."

Pic - "If Cease Fire is my donkey, then truce my ass"


Findalis said...

Already the world is screaming "Cease fire" but I don't think my boys in the IDF are going to stop soon.

Olmert has grown some balls and is continuing the fight, but Barak has balls the size of mustard seeds. He wants the truce. And my boys in the IDF just say: "Bring it on Hamas!"

a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

I prefer them hunkered down and rather than take any chances in the morale department they should be kept hunkering till their patellas pop. "TRUCE MY ASS?" You said it sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly though I'm afraid to bet the bippy on that one...fingers crossed.

Findalis, let's hope the "testicular rogaine" that Olmert appears to be applying continues to do its job.

Khaki Elephant said...

Why wasn't the world screaming "cease fire" when hamas was lauching rockets at schools?

Well, Regardless . . .

Have A Happy New Year!

Karen Townsend said...

Cease fire, my butt!

Happy New Year, Courtney. Keep up the good fight.

Skunkfeathers said...

Pound them, Little Satan, pound them. The world didn't start crying out for 'Cease Fire' and 'Truce' until Little Satan responded to endless rocket and mortar attacks that, to my curious way of thinking, had already violated the truce. BY HAMAS.

HAMAS, EU, broke the friggin' truce long before you morons weighed in to defend HAMAS.

Pound them, Little Satan, Pound THEM!

Ben Sutherland said...

Thank goodness this will finally be finished, huh?

And every last Palestinian child who dies is fucking worth it. If we don't crush Hamas, who will. And when we don't, we'll just do what we've done for the last 80 years.

Blame the pussies who told us we couldn't do it.

It's fucking priceless logic, isn't it?

Thank goodness this will finally finished.

And when it isn't, refer to step #2and reapply.

Thank goodness this will finally finished.