Sunday, June 22, 2008


Courtney from Great Satan’s Girlfriend's blog is is themed on combating anti-American propaganda, tyrannies, intolerant regimes, militias and foes of enlightenment through rants on politics and news.

If you ignore the layout and structure, and the colors used on Courtney’s blog for a few moments and read through the content, you’ll see that what she writes makes good sense and points. What she writes is a clear idea and is as clearly conveyed/presented through the text.

Great Satan Girlfriend’s content will be interesting for anyone who is concerned about politics and global affairs like those, Courtney talks about. And there is quite a large chunk of society who would like to read this kind of stuff.

Now bring the excluded factors back in- the colors used, the management of space, layout and structure, etc. and give a second thought. Would you still like to read through, to the bottom?

Most of you will disagree. Here are what the problems are, in my humble opinion:

Update your color scheme. The links on your blog strain my eyes! Blue on blue is almost unreadable. It could be excused if you linked a word or two, but at many places on your blog, a single link extends over many lines in a go. That’s a wrong practice again. Only link the relevant keywords of a text to any web page. Not the whole paragraph itself!

Increase the ‘readability’ of your blog by changing all the text in alternate case, to Sentence Case. It looks better that way.

Categorize the widgets in the sidebar. Put similar things together- I mean those of same type and similar dimensions. An example is the ‘Eye Candy Ration’ thing. And so with the other things

I had once done a critical review of Angry Jed’s blog and it really had an effect. Angry Jed’s blog was almost in the same state as yours, but he did a commendable job working on it as I suggested and as he wanted… and today his blog looks a lot better.

You should take a look and especially see the arrangement of buttons in the footer. I’d be glad if my review of your blog could help you. Drop me a comment.


Abhinav Sood


Karen Townsend said...

On of the reasons I like your blog so much is that it is different. Yes, you are brillant, no doubt about that, but the mix of things here is a bonus.

Rock on.

Findalis said...

Love the message but I have trouble with the colors. The white lettering on the blue background makes my eyes hurt (I'm old, my eyes are old).

Keep the message the way you put it, but darken the lettering a bit.

I wasn't going to say anything but you did put it up.

Right Truth said...

I've had people complain about the white text on black background at Right Truth. I've tried other themes, but I always go back to the Red/White/Black. It's different, when people click on Right Truth they know what they are going to get, they know what colors to expect, so I'm sticking with it. Besides "I" like it.

But it's always good to hear what readers think.

I'm glad you stopped the music though. Just a personal thing, but I didn't care for it and I would have to scroll down each time I visit to stop the music. But that's just me, you do what YOU like.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth