Thursday, July 10, 2008


A weak yet sweetly fitting tribute to fellow Axis of Evil charter member scary scary NoKo Guy and his "6 Scuds and a Dud Day" back way back in '06 (Great Satan's BDay to be precise).

Almost 2 years to the day, Iran's "Payambar e Azam 3" missile misfire drills f
eatured make believe pics which, alas, fails to impress.

So far, Iran's Revo Guard Corps
English Lang fanboi site has yet to mention anything about it.

Shahab 3 is very much the spiritual grandson of NoKo's "No Dong" Missile.

In more ways than one!


Ben Sutherland said...

They do, on the other hand, look thoroughly impressed with Israeli and American threats. Can't you just hear them quaking in their boots? Thank goodness we can count on the Iranian regime to act rationally in such situations.

Given the current situation, I thought you'd appreciate this, Courtney.

Talk later.


Findalis said...

There is a slight problem with Iran's missiles. They have the same flaw that Saddam's had. If they carry a heavy payload (a nuke is a heavy payload), they cannot make it all the way to Israel. They could, in theory carry the materials for a "dirty bomb", but Little Satan's response would be terrifying to behold.

Ottavio (Otto) Marasco said...

Hey there Court' how's going? Shahab 3, weapon of the week no doubt ... As I ventured to suggest at Donald's American Power Blog:

"Shahab missiles should not be taken lightly but really, many twelve year olds could have done a better photoshop job, in this case, not a good ad for Adobe software…

Let us not lose sight of the fact; Iran has demonstrated that it can fire more than one Shahab missile at once and that sends an important signal, one that suggests that before long, they will be in a position to overcome a ballistic missile defense system.

Anonymous said...

It'A aLl LiTtLe SaTaN's AnD gReAt SaTaN's FaUlT! AlLaH fOiLeD aGaIn!

kevin said...

This one is a more accurate portrayal of the Iranian future.

Skunkfeathers said...

CNN was more impressed than anyone else about the Iranian missile "tests", which were massaged to make sure no self-esteem was left behind ;)