Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Way back in the last millennium, a hard rocking rock band rocked out of Nancy Pelosiville with the nom de guerre of "Heart". Fronted by two hottie sisters, one of their many hits was a tune called "Barracuda"

Loping along at a 120 beats per click manically driven by a flanger drenched guitar riff it chronicled the chronicles of a hot grrl getting chased down, worn out by players and hinting of a sweet surrender - with sharp sharp pointy teeth.

"If the real thing dont do the trick You better make up something quick
You gonna burn burn burn burn it to the wick Ooooooh, barracuda! "

Every since Hurricane McCain announced his awesome choice for GOP's Vice Prez candidate the critique against such a delish bit of eyecandy - fully crunk brainiac and proven exec - have been embarrassing, weak minded, small minded and plumb pitiful.

Khaki Elephant records and repudiates rampant retardedness from certain members of the lame stream media and their sycophant fanatic fanbois and grrls (compiled and reprinted here at the last moment and great cost).

"While ABC, NBC, CBS and virtually every blog that pays homage to His
Holiness, The Obama, has spent tireless hours chopping at the image of Sarah Palin, it is not surprising that The New York Times has delivered the sharpest hacks. The "Newspaper" that hasn't endorsed a Republican presidential candidate since Eisenhower has pulled out all the stops in whacking away at the woman from Alaska with its liberal hatchet of hate.

We've seen them attack the pregnancy of Palin's unwed daughter, running stories hinting at hypocrisy. All this from a paper that holds Hollywood as a moral compass.

Oh, but that isn't enough for The Times. They have also run articles
Palin's dedication as a mother, evidently because she has such a powerfully successful career. Of course, Michelle Obama's career as a lawyer, community organizer and hospital executive is the stuff of maternal legend.

The Times also reported that Todd Palin (Sarah's husband) was arrested 22 years ago for drunk driving. Let's see, that would have been around the same time that Barack Obama was "experimenting" with cocaine.

According to The New York Times, Sarah Palin has her own share of
questionable associations, including
lobbyists who brought money to Alaska. She hasn't spent 20 years under a hate-mongering paster, befriended an unrepentant terrorist, and worked real estate deals with a convicted felon . . . but, come on, these people brought money to Alaska!

Even need to mention their "She doesn't have the experience" mantra?
And the hits keep coming. It's been less than a week since McCain selected Sarah Palin as his running mate and the liberal media monsters have already taken more shots than Alec Baldwin on New Years Eve. The latest: Sarah Palin wasn't vetted properly . . . because surely the GOP should have used the mainstream media's methodology for picking a Republican Veep."

Whoa! Fact is, Sarah is the Gov of the only Great Satan state that borders two foreign nations. Sarah racked up more votes for mayor of Wassilia than Senator Biden did in his multi primary runs for prez.

Plus, Sarracuda has more executive expertise than Senators Obama, Biden or McCain.


"Ooooooh! Sarracuda!"

shout out to KhAkI eLePhAnT


Miss Beth and Carla said...

I think you just coined a GREAT term for Sarah--we know, of course, her nic before was Sarah Barracuda when she played point guard (take THAT Stinky Obama!) and I LOVE the way you shortened it to Saracuda. May I swipe and use?

Debbie said...

She's something, isn't she Coutrney? I'm so glad McCain chose Palin. Can't wait to hear her speech tonight.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Skunkfeathers said...

Saracuda...score, Courtney!

NeoConstant said...

Totally agree. Saracudda is awesome! Great post, and Palin will be a fantastic VP. She's smart, tough, ballsy, and like you said, has more executive experience than all the others combined.

And she brings youth and vitality to the ticket...

...don't you love to watch the Dems scramble?

Khaki Elephant said...

Love "Sarracuda" and the sweet pic that belies her ferocity.
Oh, and a big thanks for the shout.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hey ya'll thanks1 Sarracuda just sounds perfect 4 her you know? She is gonna be formidable in any debate with anyone.

Khaki - no prob thanks for the 'panzer size willies' shout out via "der Sieg". Also - you did a bang up deal on this - made a good case great.

kevin said...

The Wilson sisters are pouting.