Saturday, August 8, 2009

Most Dangerous

Pyramidland's state controlled semi unfree media alledgedly cries out that Little Satan's kindred spirit rep to Great Satan "is very active in the American arena and has very good ties, which may strengthen the strategic relations between the US and Israel."

Oh Snap!

Ambassador Michael Oren is "the most dangerous man in Washington."

"The American born Oren, who earned a PhD from Princeton University, emigrated from Great to Little Satan way back in the '70's, and has written a best selling book -- essential in any library -- "Six Days of War". His fully crunk follow up "Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East, 1776 to the Present, " is likewise likable.

"Essentially - Dr Oren's appointment is an incredible advantage for Little Satan over any other ME regional actors.

"Little Satan can field a good looking, savvy cat on all the American TV and Radio Shows that isn't foreign sounding (way more than accents - but in outlooks too)
to the average American viewer.

"Totally slant public opinion in Little Satan's favor. Any American-turned Israeli or chatting with a British accent seemingly automatically implies honesty/trustworthiness/intelligence and a whole host of positive characteristics.

"Meanwhile Iran and Arab states put on a cat who may be highly educated but has broken English. Boring on a nigh unsustainable mind numbing scale."

Actually, Pres For Life Hosni and the nepotistic regime in Pyramid land DO need to be concerned.
Until recently, Egypt led the world in 2 things - Foreign Aid from Great Satan and horrific gender apartheid on their own sweet girls.

Cutting Democracy promotion funds
took Cairo down to 2nd place in Foreign Aid

Might be high time to change that.


Peter said...

I don't know very much about Egypt except we sure send a lot of money that we don't have to them and they sure don't seem to have very much gratitude.

As to Little Satan's ambassador? He looks pretty dangerous to me! Why I bet he wants to let a tiny nation mind it's own business and live in peace!