Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More Than Air

Air power that is.

Talk Talk Talking bout the latest hello betwixt Little Satan and the Strip.

Experts may go on and on about who won, who lost - calculating different perspectives in the internat'l arena and re reading sacred texts to conclude a conclusion yet one glaring obvious obviate remains:

Rather than blitz the Strip and 
invade Gaza on the ground, uproot its terrorist infrastructure, and place Little Satan in an excellent position to dictate terms for her withdrawal, the gov relied on air power, just as predecessors did in the Second Lebanon War, and got the same results.
 To truly get some kinda closure at least - Little Satan is most likely considering doing the Strip the Fallujah Way
“Invade Gaza and remain in place. She will have to kill or imprison thousands of terrorists, send thousands more packing for Sinai, and then spend years patrolling the streets of Gaza and arresting terrorists just as She does today in Judea and Samaria.”
  Pic - "Iron Dome"