Monday, January 14, 2013

France Goes To War

"France! Help!"

In April, Mali suffered creepy 7th century style"Slamist radical groups linked to al-Qaeda in the Maghreb seizing like half the country and sho nuff forcefully imposed a Talibanish rule so cruel — featuring amputations and Allah only knows what other bloody minded bloodiness as punishment — that hundreds of thousands of people have run for their lives. These creepy jerks now control turf more bigger than France! 
"Non-military solution seems unlikely. Mali already is split in half, and the Islamist groups have dug into their strongholds in Timbuktu and Goa. They will be dislodged only by force. The northern desert makes any military option exceedingly difficult, so a counteroffensive will need to focus initially on the cities the radicals control."
 Risque m"suer! Intervencion that is. After all, it could jam up the new French Pres" political standing (even tho cats in France are liking it au courant) and invite something something blow back - like terrorists creeps acting out on French soil killing innocents.

Looks like M"suer Hollande is zooming out and checking the big pic - that inaction bore a greater peril of producing a jihadist state like Afghanistan 
"We must stop the rebels' offensive, otherwise the whole of Mali will fall into their hands - creating a threat for Africa and even for Europe" 

Pic - "Francafrique"


Ból kręgosłupa said...

France's not been in war seriously since Napoleon.

John said...

What about the first World War?