Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The Global reach of you know what-Had is, whale, Global.

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The fact that the rantings of an Australian extremist could carry consequences for a major city in the US truly demonstrates that it is the fluid and instantly accessible radical ideology, more than political grievances, that is the root cause of modern terrorism.

The fact that the Boston bombers hailed from Chechnya, became refugees in Dagestan and later immigrants to the US and were radicalised by a Sydney preacher makes the jihadi ideology a truly global phenomenon.

Tackling the radical ideology that is the motivation for so many to unleash violence must be at the heart of combating the terrorism threat in the future. We must pay attention and combat it wherever it is preached because it is available everywhere and to anyone.

So long as the jihadist ideology remains unchallenged it will remain a threat for open societies and the bane of m"Hammedist communities.

Despite tactical counter-terrorism successes, an unchecked violent jihadist ideology ensures that its radicalising message will continue to appeal to the alienated anywhere and continue to be a matter of concern for governments everywhere.

But there is a deep reluctance on the part of democratic governments to tackle the problem of jihadist ideology. Instead they have focused on disrupting plots and shoring up intelligence efforts against jihadist networks.

All of this is important work but democratic societies also have a critical role to play in articulating open values and discrediting ideologies that go against the national interest.

Many governments fear this effort would be seen as challenging the beliefs of religious or ethnic communities. 

Ouch! Touche" after all, challenging J!Hadism may be construed as a challenge to m"Hammedism
The Tsarnaev brothers were typical American immigrants until they weren't. It was their exposure to radical jihadist ideology that turned them.

It"s Global
The jihadist's call is only a click away.

Pic - "Why I left Jihad"


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