Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Think the world is FUBAR right now?

Au contraire mon frer - just wait'll til MMIIXX!

It's gon be off the hook with al Qaeda commanding near or total command of huge bits - if not total control of several nation states. With all the inherent nasty nasty WMDeliciousness they deploy

Canada (a nation state far above Yankeeland on Great Satan"s North 40) has unleashed something something Canadian Security Intelligence Service to check out a  worst-suck ever scenario in which al-Qaida by 2018 gains "effective control" over one or more nations that hold unconventional arms, if political stability slides in regions where a.Q already has a hold..

Fully crunk with with chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) deterrents to counterterrorism activities, al-Qaida poses an entirely new threat to global security if the scenario comes to pass

See, the "likeliest" possibility is that al Qaeda will most likely gradually gain power, prestige and turf over time as it's violent supremest  ideology attracts more suckers and popular trust in illegit and pitiful governments declines.

Pic - "al Qaeda Nation States"


Leif said...

A legitimate concern, but remote and silly next to the very real threat from Iran. The technical expertise necessary to operate NBC weapon systems is considerable. Indeed, it literally requires a vast institutional infrastructure. Picking up a bomb here, a missile there and a microbe over there does not a WMD capability make.

Only Iran has all of that in spades. Even Pakistan's WMD would be neutralized relatively quickly by her enemies and former allies, in the event that country went full-bore crazy.

Always remember in your analysis: professionals think logistics!