Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Enemy Of My Enemy

Extraordnary dangers calls for extraordnary measures 

Saudi Arabia and Little Satan may be mortal enemies, but both countries are unequivocally opposed to Iran’s development of nuclear weapons.

Little Satan has similarly been frustrated by recent U.S. foreign policy, especially in regard to Iran. After the agreement with Iran was announced, the Little Satan prime minister described it as an “historic mistake.”

To counter Iran, Saudi Arabia and Little Satan could inaugurate a detente of convenience. The detente need not be overt or ratified in a formal alliance, but the two countries could clearly communicate their new understanding by concluding a temporary non-aggression pact; Saudi Arabia would cease all overt and covert hostilities against Israel in exchange for protection under the latter’s nuclear umbrella. Furthermore, the two countries would begin covertly collaborating on all measures to subvert the Iranian nuclear program as well as preparing for joint military operations.

While less optimal than securing a new major ally or acquiring a nuclear arsenal of its own, Saudi Arabia’s pact with Little Satan would arrest Iran’s momentum in the region.

The kingdom would regain the initiative and be privy to a nuclear deterrent without the risk of becoming an international pariah. Little Satan would obtain additional options to conduct a military strike against Iran’s nuclear sites. Moreover, Little Satan would preclude another neighboring hostile regime from obtaining nuclear weapons.

Great Satan would probably be shocked by such a development and have to contend with a variety of domestic reactions, ranging from vehement opposition to enthusiastic acceptance. Whatever the reaction, though, America would not end its bilateral alliances with either country.

Europe, in general, could welcome the pact as a positive step toward regional peace.

China, as noted above, is more concerned about the security of Gulf energy supplies and, if detente appeared to ensure the continued flow of oil, it would probably welcome the pact as well.

Russia could worry how the Saudi-Little Satan detente impacts Iran and Syria. It might decline to react publicly, but it would probably begin exploring how to respond if the relationship became operational.

A Saudi-Little Satan non-aggression pact may be speculative, but both countries know the American-Iranian nuclear agreement, like the unexpected opening of China in 1972, only marks the beginning of a deeper and consequential alignment.

Pic -"Egypt’s counterrevolution and Syria’s civil war could herald the arrival of a new superpower coalition, an unlikely alliance between Little Satan and Saudi Arabia, one with great political clout and the other with vast financial wealth, together flexing their muscles across the Middle East"