Tuesday, August 12, 2014



One of a handful of reliable allies of Great Satan in the Middle East these days. Its economy has boomed in recent years, attracting investors from all over and yielding a shiny new international airport and other glistening facilities. Of course, in comparison to, say, Jordan or the United Arab Emirates, Kurdistan has one notable deficit as a staunch American ally: it is not a state.

Maybe it's time to fix that?

Crafting a Kurdistan would totally freak out what's left of Iraq, Syria and also totally PO the Ottomans - not to mention the Persians.


After all, Turkey has utterly failed to craft a Syrian safe zone or even offer to go into northern Iraq to save minorities under threat from ISIS slash ISIL. Iraq and Syria have little to say since their respective Gov's helped create l' crisis au courant as did Persia in fomenting a shia only Iraq idea. And the entire sorry mess could have slowed at least if the Ottomans actually lived up to the jaw flapping about their regional puissance

Pic - "Reshape that bee otch bay bee!"