Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Forget The Nukes - Kill The Regime

Bomb Iran - Don't Bomb Iran

All the recent stuff about striking Persia's new clear sites may be a smokescreen. If instead, the US were to strike to the Iranian leadership in a decapitation maneuver events could be super favourable.

USAF's Project Checkmate could be used as a regime killing strike.

"Iran, Le Choix des Armes" by Francois Heisbourg shows how.

1st off, the highest levels of the Regime including the Supreme Leader have congregated and met multiple times since 2009 – something they never did after Operation Iraqi Freedom kicked off under 43's auspices.

A massive aerial bombardment, flights of Tomahawk cruise missiles streaking from submarines and naval warships to strike Iranian command and control centers, ministries, telecommunications facilities and Iranian air defenses, especially Russian-made TOR M-1 missile emplacements.

Iranian Naval and air force assets at Bandar Abbas are hit with a combination of missiles and a French- Saudi Amphibious assault from Qatar and the UAE. Waves of Tomahawk cruise missiles streak through Persian aerospace from ships and subs - effectively targetting the Iranian air force - air fields, missile sites and air defense systems are struck down within hours.
Communications are totally co opted or overwhelmed cybernetically. B2 Stealth bombers sortee to to strike IRRGC command and control HQ's.

"American warplanes and missiles carefully avoid striking research reactors in Teheran and Ispahan as well as the nuclear reactor at Bousher--less than 100 kilometers from Kuwait--as well as the centrifuges themselves at Natanz in an effort to prevent the spread of radioactive material to nearby population centers.

However, other missiles producing electromagnetic pulses do knock out
virtually all of Iran's electric grid and computer systems"

Special Forces strike and hold especial clerical compounds in Tehran and Qom right before Friday prayers. Nearly 20% of Iran's ruling praetorian guards and mullahs are captured, killed or missing by breakfast time.

Within 5 days, Iran is reduced to a state of near paralysis, unable in any sense to retaliate militarily, its entire economic infrastructure in shambles.