Friday, January 1, 2016

With Friends Like These...

The Ottomans.

Kinda like a one nation state distribution centre for grief, heartache and self inflicted problems.

 Turkey is a growing threat to Western interests and values. Ankara never has been a true friend of the West. Turkey was a useful ally during the Cold War, though it always seemed readier to go to war with Greece than the Soviet Union. In those years Turkey was only vaguely democratic.

Erdogan also is moving Turkey in a more Islamist direction. Although no one expects him to turn his nation into another Saudi Arabia, he is doing more than end what had been strict secularism. Worse, his government has aided the Islamic State. Despite agreeing to assist Washington, the Erdogan government appears to have played the U.S., directing most of Turkey’s fire against America’s Kurdish allies.

Now, aside from enabling ISIS/ISIL/IS with under the table oil deals and recruiting routes comes a Kurdish tale of outright outrageous action:

Actually allowing ISIS to train fighters on Turkish turf