Monday, August 22, 2016

Vanguard 2016

A maritime confrontation drill kicked off at waters of the Sea of Japan on Thursday between two Chinese naval taskforces. 
In the drill, the guided missile destroyer Xi’an, the guided missile frigate Hengshui and the supply ship Gaoyouhu formed the "red army", whose rivals were two guided missile frigates Jingzhou and Yangzhou, as well as the supply ship Qiandaohu from the East China Sea Fleet of the PLA Navy.
After participating in the RIMPAC 2016 military exercise, the Xi’an, Hengshui and Gaoyouhu sailed northwest from Hawaii on Aug. 6 and entered the Sea of Japan via the Soya Strait.
The precession strike against "enemy" maritime strength jointly launched by warships and naval aviation force in pelagic environment was highlighted in the confrontation drill.
This drill is a scheduled one in the annual training plan of the PLA Navy, said a leading officer with the Staff Headquarters of the PLA Navy. It is a common practice for the world navies to carry out training at international waters, and the ongoing confrontation drill conducted by the Chinese naval taskforces complies with relevant international laws and international conventions