Monday, October 17, 2016

DDG 1000

Chief of Naval Ops Admiral Gary Roughead revealed the goal and methodology of the Navy's 'Balanced Fleet'. Fully crunk with hi tech this fleet will be insuring a technological ovematch for potential enemies, real or imagined: for the next 100 years

"We never, ever want one of our sailors in a fair fight."
This is significant. And so is the soon to be released DDG 1000 Zumwalt class. Of all the things that Great Satan's potential or future enemies could list about fighting DDG 1000, the word fair AIN'T on the list.

This desire for continued total supremacy will be totally off the hook with Great Satan's latest, greatest 30 years in the future Zumwalt Class - the DDG 1000(Guided Missile Destroyer for the non nautical). Super intelligent cannon fire with a range of nearly 90 miles. DDG 1000 will also tote au currant and future cruise missiles and two helicopters.

"DDG 1000 is in an advanced state of development and will influence ship design
worldwide for the remainder of the century."
Super stealthy - nigh invisible to look down radar like aircraft, nonexistent sonar return pings, and see thru to satellites DDG 1000 kinda makes any defense, well, defenseless. 
An effective counter for Red China - who is downright dissed still about the Dali Lama and the super sweet best friends forever deal Great Satan granted Tiawan with D Day style invasion vaporizing missiles. Freaked over getting the finger that Great Satan flipped back in November after being denied righteous port of call in Hong Kong. Describing how Kitty Hawk Battle group sailed right between Red China and Tiawan, the Chinese read a lot into that.
"China expressed grave concern to the U.S. and requested the U.S. to take
prudent moves in this highly sensitive area."
China's future (as in next week versus Great Satan's next century) tactics and strats argue that deploying ship killing missile zones backed up with submarines to force Great Satan to stand off helplessly as China amphibiously blows off horrible lossess to force sweet, tiny Tiawan to give up her independence and submit to the wicked desires of Red China may be about as effective as deploying Barbies and Hot Wheels.
"Zumwalt features increased stealth through a composite superstructure,
integrated multi-function mast, and reduced acoustic signature. DDG 1000 will
have a 50-fold radar cross section reduction as compared to current
destroyers and 10-fold the operating area in shallow water regions against
DDG 1000 puts the 'multi' in force multiplier - DDG 1000 will have a crew of 140 compared to current DDG's which deploys 330 or for every 2 old school DDG's, nearly 5 DDG 1000's could sortie.
Like her forward thinking namesake - Admiral Elmo Zumwalt, this DDG class will make Naval Strategic Forcasts, Options and Policies powerfully paramount, as true as Great Satan's 'Maritme Strategy'
"A Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower binds our services
more closely together than they have ever been before to advance the prosperity and security of our Nation. The demands of an uncertain world and the enduring
interests of the American people require nothing less."


sykes.1 said...

We're only going to build three of them. Also, they are severely understaffed and will not be able to do both damage control and combat operations simultaneously