Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cultes la Morte

"May God exterminate this HAMAS" screamed on the streets of Gaza City.

What the heck? Yet wasn't HAMAS the world's first freely elected suicide regime?

True - trick is - they have lived up to it. And they are going down in a military campaign that may have had their timely non electoral demise by design.

Great Britain's ex Foreign Sec Sir Malcolm Rifkind points out that HAMAS has totally queered the mix for any rational consideration of a Palestinian State.

Not to put too fine a point on the wicked rapier of rationality - Sultan Al Qassemi
from the Gulf States openly says it's time for HAMAS to split.

"This is where people will object and remind us that they were democratically elected. My answer to that is: Yes, but they are incompetent.

Most of us in the Middle East still believe that incompetence is a trait exclusive to dictators such as Muammer Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and Jamal Abdul Nasser. However modern history has proven that democracy and incompetent governance aren’t mutually exclusive.

The audacity of Khaled Mashaal, the Hamas supreme leader, who called for the launch of a third intifada from exile in Syria.

Mashaal wakes up in the safety of Damascus, turns on the television, reads the paper and then says live on Al Jazeera TV – where else? – that “we want armed resistance, a military uprising to face the enemy”. Couldn’t he smuggle himself into the Gaza Strip to be with his resistance fighters?

That resistance has for many years been funded by donations from wealthy Arabs in the Gulf, among others to cover an annual budget that the US Council on Foreign Relations estimates at $70 million. Despite such sums, Hamas has hardly managed to amass a significant arsenal or military capabilities.

All it has to show after all this time and money is little more than long-range fireworks that it launches into neighbouring towns but which do more damage to its own image than to any infrastructure in Israel

Ultimately Khaled Mashaal, who declared from Damascus that the resistance “has lost very few people” as the body count approached 434

Many thought that Gaza and the West Bank were inseparable entities until Hamas’s bloody takeover of the Strip in the summer of 2007 damaged that notion. Their 18-month rule is marred by lawlessness, extra-judicial public killings and gang warfare that is more reminiscent of Somalia than a civilised state.

Time magazine reported on the violence that followed the takeover then: “Gangs have tossed enemies alive off 15-storey buildings, shot one another’s children and burst into hospitals to finish off wounded foes lying helplessly in bed.”

Last week, Taghreed El-Khodary of the New York Times reported that Hamas militants in civilian clothing again resorted to killing wounded former inmates of Gaza’s central jail who were accused of collaboration with the enemy. These unproved “collaborators” were executed in public even though Palestinian Human Rights groups repeatedly claim that “most of these people are completely innocent”. Hamas seems to be either unable or unwilling to stop such extrajudicial executions.

Additionally, on the first anniversary of Hamas’s takeover of the Gaza Strip, the Christian Science Monitor found a lack of medicines in hospitals as well as of clean drinking water in the territory, and raw sewage streaming into the sea. And this isn’t because Hamas’s dignity prevents it from meeting the enemy.

By any standards Hamas has failed miserably. It has failed in peace, failed in governance, and moreover failed in war. In addition to Hamas’s ambiguous political agenda, their goal seems to be resistance for the sake of resistance, a quagmire where the journey really is the destination. It is time for Khaled Mashaal to step down and allow more competent leaders to emerge before he causes even more damage to his cause.

The question is if Hamas leaves, what is the alternative?"

Art - "God exterminate this HAMAS"


Findalis said...

Hamas has gotten actually $1.5 billion and still doesn't have a sewage treatment plant, a good electrical system, nor clean running water.

They do have rockets and mortar.

And their leaders have large Swiss bank accounts.

As they say:

Follow the money!

Skunkfeathers said...

Hamas has been even worse in governance than Democrats in New Orleans. But Hamas was never about governance and providing infrastructure and services to the citizens of Gaza; they were all about covert and overt ops against Israel, using the Gaza citizens as human shields, so Hamas (and their puke Islamofascist allies in Teheran) could shed crocodile tears for the innocent to get the world to condemn Israel, while the world sat on their hands when Hamas launched attack after attack after attack after attack against Israel.

Now, Hamas reaps the whirlwind. POUND THEM ISRAEL, POUND THEM!

Jason said...

This group was finished before the war. Now they'll just wind up plain dead.

They are a regime obsessed with brutality and murder. They are good at that, just not anything else.

I hope Israel really wipes the strip with their arses and closes the chapter on this whole Hamas business.