Sunday, January 25, 2009

Where's Mookie?

Moktada Al Sadr - the soon to be jumped up Ayatollah, exiled Caliph of recently liberated Sadr City (named after his pa) and decisively defeated Field Marshal in Hiding of the recently marginalized 'Mahdi Army' gets dissed by the Lame Stream Media in Great Satan by none other than Time Magazine.

Since Surge climaxed in annihilating Mookie's minions in Sadr City back in '08 the old school concept of shame and honor (and this must be a first - note that shame or honor in this particular instance is NOT located between the legs of grrls in the hood) has resulted in a significant decline in the overt girthy robust Persian fed and funded rowdy time traveling sha ria law loving intolerant al Sadr's quasi military - political militia in Iraqi politics.

"Prospects for al-Sadr's militia, the Mahdi Army, and the political
figures who stood at the edge of it have steadily dimmed since last spring, when government forces of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki emerged as the de facto victors in battles with the Mahdi Army across southern Iraq and Baghdad.

Weeks of fighting in the early months of 2008 ended in a
Since then, Iraqi security forces have rounded up scores of
Sadrists with the help of U.S. troops, effectively hollowing out the movement's street power and political influence.

Meanwhile, the vast popularity that al-Sadr's movement once
enjoyed among Iraq's Shi'ites seems to have declined too as Iraqis appear to grow increasingly weary of sectarian politics. A recent poll published by the National Media Center, which is funded by the Iraqi government, said 42% of Iraqis hoped to see secular candidates win in the coming provincial elections (31% said they wanted
candidates from religious parties to take seats).

Oh Snap! Say it ain't so!

Great Satan's sexyful influence about fun and free choice (backed up with the world famous M16 - true) is undeniable as Iraq decides to prep for this life instead of racing to the next.

Especial shout out to Ax!s Of Ev!L"s BoYfRiEnDs like Eric Martin and Michael Tuggle.

They love Mookie (not that Mookie is especial to them - they seem to genuinely love all of Great Satan's enemies) and arguably seemed hopeful he would teach that wicked, interventionist killer of killers - Great Satan - a lesson.

Cheer up ya'll!

Mookie did teach a lesson alright.

Great Satan and all She represents is undefeatable.



Seane-Anna said...

Undefeatable indeed!