Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Green Light

Gallons of blood have passed under the bridge since Iran's elections. And, true to form the regime is reaching back to revolutionary bona fides again -- taking Great Britain's Embassy staff members hostage.

Last years rumours that Great Satan may have deflected Little Satan's open diss about smacking Perisa's tender sensitive portions with a lethal dose of enrichment interruptus may be null and void now.

Indeed - Great Satan's amiable, semi avuncular VP mentioned that Little Satan may be able to do whatever she wants whenever she wants.

A green light.

Tough to imagine anyone would really give a flying Imam if Iran were to get bit or hit with a blitz of Little Satan's fighter/bombers or a mix of combat aircraft and missiles.

Rumours that Saudiland may offer up sovereign airspace for IAF to trek along and hit the three critical nodes in Iran's nuclear program are worth noting simply for the operational benefits this offers to Little Satan:

Perhaps to unleash those hundred or so magically enhanced F15's and F16's -- or even go ballistic with -- o -- say, 42 Jericho III missles with about a 750 kg Warhead each would seal the deal.

Pic - Little Satan's Green Light


Raedwulf said...

I never put much value in what VP Biden says. If Saudi Arabia gives Isreal a green light to fly over the jihadists will go nuts. It truly is the world turned upside down. What next a Kosher deli in Mecca?
I hope there is a good way out of this mess. I would much rather fight a non nuclear Iran than a nuclear one

AmPowerBlog said...

Hi Hottie!

Working on U.S.-Russkie post right now! Will forward intell ASAP to GSGF!!

Findalis said...

I wouldn't put too much into this, after all it was said by Biden who has a bad case of foot in mouth disease.

Anonymous said...

you are so phukin hawt