Monday, April 25, 2011

Decline And Fall Of Pakistan

Great Satan got claws! 

Delivering a Drones Gone Wild demarche'  and killing ISI's Haq fanboys by the metric tonne on Good Friday no less may mark the beginning of the end for Pakistan.

"...First, Islamabad is said to covet Afghanistan for “strategic depth.” Pakistan is geographically narrow and its major cities, positioned as they are near its eastern border with India, are vulnerable to attack in the event of a war with its rival. Thus, Pakistan’s military planners - for whom an Indian invasion is always imminent - yearn for the rugged Afghan terrain to the west, where a retreating army could regroup and coordinate a guerrilla war, if necessary.

"...Second, Pakistan is fearful of Indian influence in Afghanistan. Around every corner in Kabul, Pakistanis see Indian agents and behind every Afghan initiative, a nefarious Hindu plot. That India’s presence in Afghanistan has been benign, civilian and economic in nature has not stopped the ISI from backing brazen jihadi attacks on the Indian Embassy in Kabul.

"...This suggests that Pakistan’s perceived interests in Afghanistan are India-centric. However, the fear of ethnic (specifically Pashtun and Baluch) nationalism may play an even greater role in Pakistan’s strategy, penetrating to the heart of what constitutes Pakistani identity and the integrity of the Pakistani state.

"...There are roughly 40 million Pashtuns straddling the Afghan-Pakistan border, the notoriously autonomous “martial race,” with legendary fighting prowess (virtually all Taliban are Pashtun, but not all Pashtun are Taliban). The Af-Pak border that cuts this stateless nation in half was drawn by India’s colonial British overlords in 1893. Incorporating a sliver of the Afghan frontier into northwestern India, the Durand Line, as the border is called, was designed to create a buffer zone between India and the lawless hinterland beyond. But after partition in 1947, the new (West) Pakistani state inherited these Pashtun tribal areas.

"...Like their countrymen in the east, the Pashtuns - and the even more disaffected Baluch minority in the south - are Muslim, but they share little else in common in terms of culture, language, allegiance or history. So it comes as no surprise that they have periodically agitated for greater autonomy, independence or even incorporation into Afghanistan. As the saying goes, the Afghans have a terribly weak state but a cohesive national identity. In Pakistan, the strong, military-run state is in part compensation for its fragile national identity.

"...Consequently, Islamabad is hypersensitive to ethnic nationalism and separatism. Pakistan already lost nearly half its territory - East Pakistan - to another disgruntled ethnic minority in the 1971 war that created Bangladesh. To complicate matters further, successive Afghan governments, including the Pakistani-backed Taliban regime of the 1990s, have refused to recognize the Durand Line. 

"...Pakistan fears that a strong and independent Afghanistan - let alone one allied to India - could challenge their artificial border and agitate Pashtun or Baluch nationalists, undermining Pakistan from within. A friendly, Taliban-led regime in Kabul is thus seen by Islamabad as the best defense against this possibility and against Indian “encirclement.”

Why not advocate dissolving Pakistan as a nation state? Keep your friends close and your enemy closer perhaps. 

"...Have the international community declare that parts of Pakistan have become ungovernable and a menace to international security.

Great Satan's only client new clear Army with a fake believe nation/state attached blinging the fastest sprouting new clear arsenal on the planet  is certainly aware another terrorist attack in America by anyone who has ever been within drone range of North Waziristan will have terrible consequences for Land of the Pure

"...Ten years of supporting America’s Islamist enemies has poisoned its reputation in America. Its once-mighty defenders in Washington are isolated and shrinking in number, while a younger generation of policymakers knows nothing of Pakistan but militancy, corruption and deception. 

"...When the United States inevitably departs Afghanistan, so too, will Pakistan’s “leverage” over America. Only then will Pakistan’s leadership realize the true cost of their double game.  

 Pic - "If the attack were carried out by members of one of the groups linked to the Pakistani military, such a response could be on a scale that would lead to the collapse of the Pakistani state.


Steve Harkonnen said...

This is where I'd support a US intervention in the destruction of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal. Although I typically foster and support non-US intervention into another state's affairs due to the unconstitutionality of such, we are unfortunately placed in a position where we must intervene in the destruction thereof of their arsenal, and allow tribal takeover of the controversial state as it exists today.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Although I typically foster and support non-US intervention into another state's affairs due to the unconstitutionality of such...

Meant to say DO NOT foster and support....

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Steve...hmmmm. As fakebelieve 'nation/state' created in the last millennium - intervention in our totally dependent client seems only fair.

soap mactavish said...

blood and treasure. are you willing to spend the aforementioned in great quantities?

Anonymous said...

you philthy khunt pakistan is a holy nation you blaspheme and the dirty the name when you speak it

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Uh thanks A'mous! Pakistan, Pakistan, Pakistan

Render said...


I wonder what happens when a Zionist Jew says the name of that fake nation made up of land stolen from Afghanistan and India?


Cupcake Boxes said...

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