Monday, April 18, 2011

Syria Delirious


Here's a quiz - anyone 'member Syria's Dr General President For Life Bashar Bay Bee recently loling any possibility of anti regime high jinkery busting out in his particular pocket despotry? 

Time to medicate for what poppa defines as the afflicting disability to daydream and conjure illusionary allusions - disorientation, hallucinations, anxiety, often confusing the fake believe with real life.

Recent events have mockingly mocked the easily mockable (and nearly 2 meters tall - Wookie sized) hereditary illegit Allawite autocrat. That kind of Zeelow Heights - Führer Bunker mentality prett much means survival at all costs -as the myraid Allawite support groups for Bashar fight to the (hopefully) bitter end.

And if Syria is teeter tottering on edge - why not give it a poke or three to send the nasty thing  crashing down and out - all the way out?

There are tons of reasons why the Lion of Syria and all his precious assets should be express laned smoldering to the same flamed out junk heap of the dead, defeated and discredited as Waffen Ss, Confederacy, 3rd Soviet Shock Army, kamikazes or Mahdi Army (v1.0 - 3.0). And to hop on the activity train right now.


Hold up!

Syria's illegit, Dr General President For Life (New! Now with Reform!) has acquired a fan club of sorts - an entire posse of Axis of Evil fanboys that are twisting the already twisted ancient corrupt short term cult of stability beyond repair!

Like the ex C.I. told you so guy so hubrisly hubrises

"...The end of Mubarak regime’s has made the Egypt-Gaza border more porous, and the elimination of Assad’s Baathist regime would weaken Syria’s willingness—and perhaps ability—to control its border with Israel. This would leave only Jordan, which is a far weaker regime than those in Egypt or Syria.

Aside from blaming the cool kids for future probs that may or may not come to pass - (and when did he get so hot for Little Satan anyway?) a realpolitikisch laissez-faire counter to overtly covert chiz is also available.

GsGf's Zachilicious colleague at McGill's prestigious centre right cyber PAH site suggests some kind of hope for the best type stance and buys into the factually suspect myth of Syria's quest to be a cool partner in regional stability:

"...So why not attempt to topple an enemy regime? Two reasons. One is the relationship of mutual deterrence established between Little Satan and the Syrian regimes in the 1970s. The second is the containment of the Syrian regime by Iran and Hiz'B'Allah.

"...In essence, Syria’s actions under the Assad regime are predictable. The regime has adopted a reactive foreign policy since the 1970s, tied to the Arab-Israeli peace process and to developments in Lebanon. A new Syrian regime, which is bound to be influenced or controlled by Islamists, would be much less predictable and possibly less rational. That’s reason number one for keeping the Ba’Athist regime alive.

"...Reason number two flows from reason number one. There has been little to no movement on the Israeli-Syrian peace process since 2000, when Hafez al-Assad turned down an Israeli offer of 99% withdrawal from the territory to which he laid claim. Furthermore, Syria’s occupation of Lebanon ended in 2005, following the assassination of then-Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and the outbreak of the Cedar Revolution.

"...Otherwise put, Syria has no hope of regaining the territory it lost in 1967. As well, Iran is now calling the shots in Lebanon more than ever, not Syria, especially now that Hiz'B'Allah has taken over Lebanon’s government at the expense of Syria’s attempts to establish closer ties with the pro-West March 14th bloc.

Conclusion? Staus Quo - natch!

"...Maintaining the current equilibrium allows Israel to counter the threats from Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas more directly and more effectively. Israel’s message to Syria should be clear: “So long as it doesn’t pose a threat to us, whatever goes on within your borders is your business.”

 "And why realpolitik comes into play"



al Assad's Syria as a source of stability? 

Cheese and rice! 

al Assad's Syria is a source of instability.

Syria - like Little Satan - punches far above her weight class in diplopolititary deals. Instead of cool stuff like Hooters, literacy rates off the charts or creating advanced avionics - Bashar Bay Bee follows poppa Assad's script utilizing asymmetrical assets creating a slave trading Syria, abusing Palestinians as a strategic minority resource, literally bombing an Arab sister's political cadre out of existence, fiddling about with new clear WMD witchcraft, hanging with the most wanted terrorists in the world while maybe or maybe not enabling official enemies like Hiz'B'Allah with wmd delivery systems and frightened of Facebook. 

Maintaining the status quo's equilibrium is simply unrealistic (no pun intended). All despotries are on borrowed time. 

The same cats braving secular machine guns demanding what Uncle Tony psychically predicted eons ago will also brave holy machine guns. The Strip, Hiz'B'Allahland and Persia have totally proven that preachers can preach ok but suck at statecraft, while Iraq's skirt flirt with the more 'pure' elements of a crazy intolerant m'Hammedist fiefdom prove the charming self destructiveness of such self destructive memes as well.

If (and that is a semi big 'if' there kids) knocking out the Allawite gang - all the way out - in Basharopolis creates a giant sucking machine for the Qutbah Kids - so what?

The chaos, cross purposes, that a sudden, violent departure of the regime in Syria might bestow on the region are actually more better for both Satans in the short and long run. With myriad groups with competing  goals, style and substance slugging it out - while periodically interdicted with especial ops from allied militaries.  

Simply put - such Syrian delirium would give little time for rival forces to worry much about Lebanon, Golan the ancient Suriya al- Kubra, Palestine, Hiz'B'Allah or West Bank apartment complexes - granting Little Satan both time and opportunities to covertly turn the guns on the ever stretched Iranian energies and resources in an Axis of Evil quagmire of risible proportions 

Aiding the overthrow of Bashar Bay Bee also funnily enough - grants an amoral tenet that wicked realpolitik fans should love in it's purest form -  “So long as it doesn’t pose a threat to us, whatever goes on within your borders is your business.” 

Pic - "Get used to it. We are taking control"


Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Mahdi Army, improved position in case Nouri balks at the egress. All those neocon plans vanquished!