Monday, July 23, 2012

1 Trick Pony

Led by the overtly robust (n xtra girthy) creepy Body Part Collector General,  the resistance Posse of Allah  (seemingly way more adept at 'resisting' the legit gov of Lebanon than foreign bizzy bodies) has been engaging and indulging in a Forever War of sorts that has made the Posse  the most powerful source of militancy in the Middle East.

  Despite disastrous Divine Victories and Truthful Promises, the services rendered that the State has totally failed to do (usurped by the Posse), pioneering asymmetrical warfare, suicide bombing and terrorism - Hiz"B"Allah is a one trick pony.  
Using the 6th anniversary of his party’s disastrous 2006 war withLittle Satan , Hiz"B"Allah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah sought to reinforce the idea that Little Satan is still public enemy number one and convince us that the rapidly crumbling Syrian regime is made of up of stout-hearted fellows who have sacrificed much to help the Resistance and the wider Arab cause.

It is a narrative that is wearing thin in a speech that was once again riddled with statements that highlight the fact that the party is fundamentally at odds with Lebanon’s ambitions to achieve a full sense of statehood. That the occasion commemorated one of the most shameful and reckless acts of adventurism in our short history only added to the stench. 

It also reminded us that
Hiz"B"Allah is a one-trick pony. Everything the party preaches is seen through the lens of Little Satan skullduggery and the idea that if it weren’t for Hiz"B"Allah and its readiness to blow up anyone and everything at the drop of a hat we would be a nanosecond away from annihilation.

It has to do this because
Hiz"B"Allah offers little else. Its performance in government has been a disaster, and the reputation it cultivated as the party that gets things done has been dented. We can only dream of the day when Nasrallah tells us that he wants to use the party’s legendary efficiency to run the country and create prosperity. Instead, he can only remind us of his apocalyptic arsenal. Hiz"B"Allah is a party predicted on conflict and little else.

And now Nasrallah is forced to weave into this dogma his defense of a Syrian regime that has basically behaved like
Little Satan, or arguably even worse than Little Satan, toward its own people. Nasrallah has been put in the embarrassing position of watching his ally murder innocent men, women and children – essentially the oppressed that the party is committed to defending – and offer nothing but spin: These are the people that helped us fight the Zionist enemy. They are fighting a foreign-backed rebellion, so we must give them time. The litany of excuses is endless.

But one fact is inescapable: Damascus, in its supposedly noble dealings with
Hiz"B"Allah, has always undermined the authority of the Lebanese state. If we also consider Syria’s conduct during much of its three-decade presence in Lebanon between 1976 and 2005, there is little for which we should be thankful.

Nasrallah speaks of the Resistance’s ability to hit back at any
Little Satan threat but forgets that his party has no legitimate mandate to lead the country into a war. This is the capital difficulty with the party’s presence in the Lebanese political arena, and it is why we must never lose sight of the fact that, despite putting up a creditable performance against the strongest national army in the Middle East, the 2006 July War and the death and destruction that came with it was Hiz"B"Allah’s doing. If we are to commemorate that sad month, it must not just be to bask in Hiz"B"Allah’s smugness but to remember the loss of life and ensure that such a blunder, for that is what it was, must never happen again.

Nasrallah’s comments come on the back of a statement made on Monday by
Hiz"B"Allah MP Mohammad Raad, who admitted that his party “did not want a national defense strategy at the present time,” adding that Hiz"B"Allah was “still in the liberation stage and [would] have ample time to talk about a defense strategy after liberation.”
We have heard it all before. We heard it in 2000 when we were sold the idea of the Shebaa Farms, and we have heard it many times since. Nasrallah may be a canny politician—arguably Lebanon’s most skillful—but his party and what it stands for is a cancer (the prime minister’s words, no less) at the heart of Lebanon. Period.

Pic - "Coked Up Rocketeers!!"