Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Oh Snap!
"Grey Goose got the girl feeling loose - and imma wishing that i didn"t wear these shoes..."

Aside from the alcohol fueled ref to hoochiefication, artful balance and semi buzzed symmetry - the afore mentioned mentionable could be applied to ye olde Suriya al- Kubra  au courant!! 

Das uber shaky Alawicious illegit regime led byWookie sized Dr General President for Life Bashar Bay Bee is looking mighty wobbly as the self imposed civil war on non combatants and combatants alike rages on.

Syria has always been a creep show gov of sorts - hot for WMD, loving terrorists, control freaks, Body Part Collectors and readily embracing any and ev thing uncool, unfun and unfree.

Bashar used Syria as a rat line for hajies to hit the Land Atwixt the Two Rivers and wreak bloody murderous havoc that caused Great Satan to do the original Surge. High time Great Satan got some righteous payback and take Bashar out - all the way out.

And she is!!  
 “Now we’re ready to accelerate that.”

Getting  a target fix to annihilate, capture or render useless Syria"s WMD to seducing General"s to defect with all their units intact and sexing up the regime"s opposition militarily, diplomatically and future governancely - including flying judicial squads!

Realpolitk in action? 
Realpolitik is liberating Syria from the Assad autocracy, while the institution-based international system – most notably the United Nations – has largely failed, because it depends on agreement among the permanent members of the Security Council.

For better or worse, we are now witnessing something much different from institution-based multilateral foreign policy. We are facing the world of realpolitik, where different, and committed actors, inside and outside Syria, are playing by standards that liberal internationalists abhor. 

Great Satan be all acting covertly with hard-core regional allies like Saudi Arabia and Qatar to support the Free Syrian Army on the ground. Action is directed not only against autocracy and arbitrary rule. (How could it be with Saudi and Qatari bedfellows?) Rather, the shared concern of this trio is countering Shia Iranian dominance, and such co-operation is persuasive, given Iran’s revanchist agenda.

The cumulative effect of such traditional intervention is now evident. While the Syrian military has been and remains formidable, the rebellion has been too widespread for the army to concentrate sufficient force in any single place. Events of the past week have been particularly dramatic, events suggesting that we are entering a fin de régime period.

A regime that was thought to be largely impregnable just six months ago now seems to be tottering hopelessly. 

Once the regime goes, the situation could become still more difficult. The UN will then have a role through the discovery and disposition of chemical weapons, disarmament, humanitarian aid for refugees, reconstruction, development, support for a pluralist political system and ensuring the former leadership cadres meet justice in The Hague. 
Wobble baby wobble baby wobble baby wobble

Pic - "The day after: Supporting a democratic transition in Syria"


Rob said...

Watch what happens M'Dear.

Assad will Stalag out in the northwest of the country, the commercial hub of Syria where most of the Alawites and Christians live ( unlike our president, the Christians understand what Muslim Brotherhood rule is going to mean for them).Assad can hold on to this area for some time if he wants to.

There he can can easily be supplied by the Russians, who want to hold on to Tartus and perhaps make a quick getaway eventually if he needs to.

The Kurds, who hate both the Brotherhood and the regime will slice off the northeast, right along Iraqi Kurdistan's border and de facto merge with their compatriots next door unless they get offered autonomy by the Brotherhood, possible but not likely.

This war will go on for months, and the worst mistake America can make is to continue backing the Islamists in the Syria Free Army or the Syrian National Council, the two main resistance factions.

We have no dog in this fight.And even if the Muslim Brotherhood factions win, we're not going to like the result.