Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Shadow Army

Not to be confused with Shadow Gov - which stalks the real gov in the shadows ready to seize command - Shadow Army is more like an enabling enhancement of Great Satan's hyperpuissance

Nom d'guerr'd as the Global Response Staff - Great Satan's Shadow Army has been semi unshadowed by recent event in Lib LibLibya, AFPAK and Yemen
 The GRS, as it is known, is designed to stay in the shadows, training teams to work undercover and provide an unobtrusive layer of security for CIA officers in high-risk outposts. Of the 14 CIA employees killed since 2009, five worked for the GRS, all as contractors. They include two killed at Benghazi, as well as three others who were within the blast radius on Dec. 31, 2009, when a Jordanian double agent detonated a suicide bomb at a CIA compound in Khost, Afghanistan.

 GRS contractors have also been involved in shootouts in which only foreign nationals were killed, including one that triggered a diplomatic crisis. While working for the CIA, Raymond Davis was jailed for weeks in Pakistan last year after killing two men in what he said was an armed robbery attempt in Lahore.

The increasingly conspicuous role of the GRS is part of a broader expansion of the CIA’s paramilitary capabilities over the past 10 years. Beyond hiring former military commandos, the agency has collaborated with Special Operations teams on missions including the raid that killed ObL and has killed thousands of militants and civilians with its fleet of armed drones.

The work is lucrative enough that recruiting is done largely by word of mouth, said one former U.S. intelligence official. Candidates tend to be members of Special Forces units who have recently retired, or veterans of police department SWAT teams.

Most GRS recruits arrive with skills in handling the weapons they will carry, including Glock handguns and M4 rifles. But they undergo additional training so they do not call attention to the presence or movements of the CIA officers they are in position to protect.

Pic - "Shadow War"


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