Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Persian Primer

Oh! It's true!!

Gay Free Persia's intolerant Preacher Command celebrates an amazing 34 years of survival!!

See, now a regional power, thanks to three decades of social, economic, diplomatic, and military advancements. LOL - not all of these successes are clear-cut. Many of Iran’s achievements actually created new challenges or even led to political and diplomatic failures.

Foreign Relations:

Great Satan and her Western allies have isolated Iran economically and diplomatically. But this isolation has encouraged Tehran to pursue a pragmatic diplomatic strategy that has somewhat mitigated the impact of international sanctions.
 Iran has built economic, trade and business relationships with non-Western powers such as China and Russia. Tehran has also sought ties with regional powers such as Brazil and Nigeria, and authoritarian states including North Korea, Syria and Venezuela. Iran has forged trade and financial links with Iraq, India, Malaysia, and even Thailand, to advance what it calls an “Eastern Policy.” The "Slamic Republic now considers itself a leading non-Western power. In 2012, Tehran hosted the Non-Aligned Movement Summit, viewing it as an indicator of successful foreign policy.
Military Chiz:
Iran has emerged as a formidable military power in the Gulf. Even some key Arab Gulf states prefer to accommodate Tehran rather than support policies that could risk a military confrontation. The Islamic Republic’s regular military and non-conventional forces cannot match U.S. capabilities. But Iran has some deterrents, including a large stock of missiles and the ability to launch asymmetric attacks.  
            Iran’s military strength is partly rooted in the development of its nuclear program, which could be used for military purposes. Preacher Command"s success in the new clear field is not only due to enriching uranium to 20 percent, but also to burying her nuclear facility at Fordo.
            “Digging down” offers effective deterrence against an Little or Great Satan airstrike, from the vantage point of Iran’s leaders. Little Satan probably lacks the necessary munitions to inflict lasting damage on sites such as Fordo. Great Satan would probably need to bomb Iran’s nuclear sites for weeks, which would likely drag her into an all out war. Persia could then use her conventional and unconventional military assets, and proxy organizations like Hezbollah, to inflict damage on interests and allies. The regime almost certainly perceives Great Satan"s preference for a diplomatic solution as evidence of Iran’s military strength and deterrence capabilities.
            The "Slamic Repub has also succeeded in creating efficient security forces to clamp down on domestic unrest. In 2005, the "Slamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) was restructured into 31 separate commands – one for each province and one for Persia. The Basij militia was integrated into the IRGC in July 2008. The intell services, police, and Basij now seem to be acting more coordinated under the direction of the IRGC.
Iran"s Great Satan Hating At All Costs has cost the regime dearly in Foreign Relations, her economy, New Clear programme and internal politics as well.