Friday, February 1, 2013

Syrian Panty Raid

Kheil HaAvir!

Little Satan"s latest airborne panty raid on Syria"s tender, sensitive portions is fully crunk with discombobulating smokescreens:

Syrian Army claims Little Satan combat jets unfairly flew under radar and blitzed a magical defense boostier type facility outside of Damascus.

Hot gossip LOLs that several of Syria"s AAA batteries of mobile Collectivist Russian SA17 missiles. Also nom d'guerre'd BUK-M2E (Ural). Export version, this partic thang is essentially a tracked panzer chassis toting a radar and a launcher with four missiles. A total of four ready to fire missiles are carried on a cd player type launcher assembly mounted on the vehicle's hind deck. A semi cute phased-array radar is mounted at a raised angle at the head of the spinable assembly.

Makes sense right, use it or lose it?

If these cats were limbered up for trekking a possible destination is creepy Hiz"B"Allah. Little Satan can fly sweet reconnaissance flights over Leb Leb Lebanon anytime she likes.

And BUK M2E would be a significant deterrent 

Pic - "Getting regional!"