Monday, July 22, 2013

Gaoxin VII

Collectivist China"s Peaceful Rise to hegemonic hotness l"hyperpuissant just got really really scary. If weapons and words like "Shi Lang" and/or "Dongfeng" aren"t enough to frighten beyond repair - then hang onto your hat kids - and get ready to get scared witless

PLA's own newspaper Global Times unleashed the incredible news about Gaoxin VII 
“When carrying out a mission, the airplane will use its own ‘programs’ to forcefully overpower enemy television stations, radio stations and wireless communication networks, interfere with the enemy's propaganda dissemination programs, affect the enemy's military-civilian morale, and create rumors and confusion, thus causing the enemy, from government to everyday citizens, to have ‘nervous breakdowns’ and achieving their goal of rendering them helpless and unable to fight.”
In other words:
One moment you’re sitting at home watching CNN, and the next you’re a basket case because your television is locked on a steady stream of Chinese Communist Party propaganda.

It’s entirely possible that the Global Times -- hardly a paragon of journalistic integrity -- got the story wrong, and the Gaoxin VII isn’t designed to induce nervous collapse.

It's also possible, probable in fact, that Chinese Communist propaganda can't induce such a fit.

Pic - " While theorizing over competing military ideas makes for interesting discussion, the stakes in any conflict would be very real."