Friday, July 5, 2013

Polislam"s Epic Fail?


Polislam - also nom d"guerr"d as political m"Hammedism - has been l"rage d"jour ever since that Tunisian cat ignited himself (in Tunisia - natch) and sparked off Arab Sprang. The concept is kinda elderly and the future may be about as suck as ancient history

As best understood, crazy assetted preachers in Persia, bits of Lebanon and the Strip have failed to queer the mix on some of Arab League's recent revolutionary revolutions - the allure of a mythical m'Hammedist preacher's paradise is still powerful meds to the wretched realities of cats suffering under secular autocrazies - though in the Strip and Iran - the preacher's paradise IS the wretched reality.

And now - thanks to  the Ikwhan's semi retarded, totally inept intolerant on ten creepiness -m"Hammedist rule in girl hatin' Aegypt - the risible concept that Preacher Knows Best may be deader than the idea of setting up a strip club in Luxor. 
 This first year under the Morsi government in Egypt – by far the largest pilot project ever staged for Polislam’s political ideology – has exposed the myth that Islamists have a real alternative. 

No doubt, Ikwhan inherited an economic mess and a corrupted system that would take more than a year to weed out. Also, one could argue that like all countries, Egypt must play by the international economic rules, and has taken an economic beating with a depreciating exchange rate and rising debt burdens. 

Under Mr. Morsi, no new economic or political ideas were brought to the political table. Ikwhan and by extension - political m"Hammedism had no real solution to the everyday problems of Egyptians such as traffic, garbage, insecurity, unemployment and the sheer chaos that characterizes the mundane life people lead. Like his predecessors, Mr. Morsi tried to court foreign capital, international donors, and international creditors such as the International Monetary Fund. In essence, Mr. Morsi's economic policies were business as usual.

Yet the point here is that m"Hammedists never claimed governing was hard; in essence they simplified good governance to a single and effective slogan: “"Slam is the solution!” To many Egyptians this is now an empty slogan and there is a demand for real policy ideas. This is a good thing as it sets the stage for political parties to mature beyond rhetoric into developing policy platforms.

Political m"Hammedism will retain the respect of having cleaner hands than the Mubarak regime, but Egyptians and perhaps Arab electorates in other transition countries will also demand more. In a devout region, religious credentials will matter less than offering specific solutions to life's mundane problems.

When Aegypt's impotent at any real military stuff and potent only at tormenting girls military decided enough was enough, it was LOLable to the nth... 
Morsi resorted to a series of increasingly desperate verbal signals, including ineffectual crises about his own legitimacy and attempts to grasp expired offers of compromise.

The result made him seem less like a martyr than a property owner waving his deed at a wrecking-ball operator who has already destroyed his home

Pic - "Rule Of The Virginity Checking Military"