Thursday, September 19, 2013

The New UN

If one thing is pretty clear - autocrats tend to take up for each other at UN - even when innocents are dying via other autocratic nation states

Thus, Great Satan should look to form a new body to address humanitarian, governance, and safety issues: the United Democratic Nations.

A United Democratic Nations would be composed of only the world’s most free countries: those who have had decades-long traditions of open, fair elections and institutions, peaceful transfers of power, well-established protections for all. The list is not hard to imagine.

The United Democratic Nations’ mandate would be to safeguard freedom and openness and to protect the voices who cannot express themselves in undemocratic countries: too often, it’s women and girls, ethnic minorities, and civilians trapped by combat. It would deliberate resolutions that support democratic institutions and protect innocents. In extreme cases, it could sanction the use of military force to protect civilians in combat. (Though, of course, all nations would reserve the right to use force in self-defense.)

A body of the world's democracies would have so much legitimacy that it would make cases of worthy intervention—like Syria and Libya—easier, while making dubious interventions—like Iraq—more difficult.

As an institution composed of the governments only true democracies, deliberations on the use of force would be elevated to where they should be: among a congress of nationally-elected officials who can better balance the needs of their constituents with the need for freedom across the globe.

Pic - "Global peace will not be achieved until democracies replace the world's remaining dictatorships"