Thursday, September 12, 2013

UnAssing Syrian WMD

Hanging out to find out if Russia’s last minute idea might preclude a Syrian Intervention of sorts or actually be another example of  Non Profit Jawflapping, may be cool to czech what all it takes to unAss chemical weaponry

Finding and securing all of Assad's sites would be the first major challenge of implementing the Russian plan, but it would be far from the only one. The U.S. and allied personnel would then have to separate the chemical substances themselves from the warheads of his rockets, artillery shells or missiles that had been designed to carry them to their targets. The work itself would be carried out by either robots, contractors or specially-trained troops, but it would still be time-consuming and dangerous.

The next step would be to physically destroy all of chemical weapons, which can be done through one of two basic options. The first involves spraying the chemicals themselves into specialized furnaces and then burning them at around 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit for one or two seconds. Nerve agents like sarin can also be rendered largely harmless by the addition of liquid sodium hydroxide, while mustard gas can be made safe with alkaline water.

Either type of destruction would have to be done at individual Syrian weapons sites because it wouldn't be safe to move the munitions to a centralized collection point inside Syria while the fighting was raging. That would mean either building a new permanent disposal facility at each Syrian compound or bringing in newly-fielded mobile disposal units from the U.S. The mobile systems have not been tested in an active warzone and may not have the capacity to deal with Assad’s huge quantities of weapons.

A safer option might involve moving the weapons out of Syria entirely and doing the disposal work in a safer and more secure country.

Not to mention deploying American troops enmass...

Pic -"Formidable challenges involved in carrying out such a complex and risky operation in the midst of a raging civil war."