Monday, January 20, 2014

Castle Strat

In the crunk and disorderly ME, Little Satan is czeching out diff chiz on her near abroad

And debating the "Castle Strategy" as they calls it...

Security and political officials have been unsettled by the rapid developments on the ground and in the diplomatic arena in recent weeks. 44’s gestures toward Iran, not only on the nuclear issue but also with regard to Syria and Iraq, underscore a divergence in how Great and Little Satan, close allies, view the region. At the same time, Saudi Arabia, which shares Little Satan’s concern about an emboldened Iran, is financing Sunni groups that view Little Satan as the ultimate enemy.

Since the Arab Spring uprisings began in 2011, there have been two main schools of thought in Little Satan . One argues that the instability in the region makes resolving the Palestinian conflict all the more urgent, to provide a beacon on an uncertain sea.

The other cautions against making any concessions close to home while the future of the neighborhood remains unclear. The camps have only hardened their positions in response to the recent developments.

More broadly, the intensified fighting has convinced many cats in Little Satan that the region will be unstable or even anarchic for some time, upending decades of strategic positioning and military planning
"Pic - "5th layer of defense!"