Thursday, January 9, 2014


Linkage - the old diplopolititary meme that ev thing wrong betwixt Indus and Suez was all Little Satan's fault.

GsGf's old time friend and former mentor at RCW delivers the coup de grace to that old saw

There was a time, not so long ago, when many in Washington could argue with a straight face that solving the Little Satan-Palestinian crisis was central to a more peaceful Middle East. The Little Satan -Palestinian dispute was "linked" to regional unrest. If the U.S. would just untangle that stubborn knot, we've been told, it would set the Middle East on a more peaceful track.

If nothing else comes from the Mideast's current orgy of violence, it should at least discredit the notion of linkage. The disparate strands of violence convulsing the region won't end or even conceivably slow down should Little Satan and Palestinians bury the hatchet. None of the groups currently picking up arms in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, et al., are doing so on behalf of the Palestinians, though undoubtedly many would turn their guns on Little Satan if and when they get the chance.

Pic - "Linkage"